Amber Light BOLO 10-10-2013

Posted on October 10, 2013


Yippee!!! It is the weekend at last. Not that anyone is counting right?

This is shaping us to be one of fun, frolic and relief. The new Moon of last week was intense and serious. The days following were equally so. Most everyone has had the moment since last Friday that they looked at their life and said “THIS, my friend HAS Got to change!” to themselves or the mirror or even someone else.

We start Thursday with a dreamy day. It is full of good feelings, glow-y hearts and fantasies galore. It is fine to take time to dream a little dream with some one you love and/or depend upon for resource for your loftiest goals. This is a day for thinking and planning bigger than you ever think you can achieve. The enjoyment of the planning is more important to our overall happiness than if everything happens exactly as we dreamed up. And the nice thing is we will not be upset if it all doesn’t happen. The euphoric synergy that happens during the conversation about it will be reward in itself.

Get out, make contact and “get you some of this”!

Crescent Moon and  Venus 10-09-2013

Crescent Moon and Venus 10-09-2013



Crescent Moon and Star friend 10-09-2013

Crescent Moon and Star friend 10-09-2013