Monday Power Colors & Energy Flow Report

Posted on October 6, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Lavender, White, Silver, Cream

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Silver, Black, Red, White

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Gold, Yellow, Brown, Orange

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Turquoise, Burgundy, Green, Purple


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Rain from the past 24 hours (noon Saturday to noon Sunday) All told for the weekend we got almost 11″ at my house. It is soggy here! Plus the fairy houses (mushrooms) are all over the neighborhood and Tuxx relaxing in the Cat Condo.

Okay, because I do not have time to write the entire week, I will give you the important info for Monday and the mid-week tomorrow.

Our week will begin on a down note. Not that every work week doesn’t start off a bit down, since we have to stop playing and relaxing and start working for someone else again.

This energy of these of Monday and Tuesday will have even the most upbeat of us feeling beat down and even like there is not hope for a happy solution.

PLEASE>>>PLEASE>>>>PLEASE DO NOT let this cause you to make a permanent solution to what are very fleeting issues. We may feel despondent, like we are not adequate, extra tired, even sick, achy, nauseous, super sad, our plans will not work out, that we have lost our support, those type of things. This is a product of the energy of the Universe and everyone will be feeling this in some part of their life. It is super important not to do anything rash, anything on the spur of the moment, anything that will be a major change to life as you know it now. This wave will pass by Wednesday morning and we will be feeling much more upbeat and jovial. 

Even by Monday evening we will feel a shift that will let us know that “every little thing’s gonna be alright!” This will be in the area of finances and relationships. YAY! Generous, happy, flirty and fun even going over board will be part of the rest of this month. Latch on to that feeling for these couple of days and as the sad waves come, have them and then let them go….do not allow them to become house guests in our hearts or minds. That is why acknowledging them is a good idea. Then we can let them go on through, instead of wasting energy trying to avoid them.

Also, some of us will be accident prone. This lasts at least all week, so take extra care in driving, dangerous work and activities, even with our everyday tasks as accidents happen anywhere and even using scissors can be dangerous.

Bottom line, if you feel tires, sad, grumpy and mad, you are not alone. Do not take it as the end of the world. This will pass and we will be back to motivated and ready to conquer our lives by Wednesday!

Look for the rest of the important info for the week tomorrow and be GOOD to yourself!!! Take time to do something sweet for you….eat something wonderful, take a hot bath, long walk, sit and veg out to your favorite TV or music or book. WE need it and deserve it…BE KIND, let yourself UNWIND!!!!

Click here for tips on how to boost your mood during these couple of days (or anytime you need a pick me up)!