An Amber Light BOLO for today 10-2-2013

Posted on October 2, 2013



WE might feel like we are pulling a heavy wagon today...just keep stepping. It will get better soon!

WE might feel like we are pulling a heavy wagon today…just keep stepping. It will get better soon!



A BOLO for today:

Blocks will be popping up all over the places. Today and tomorrow will challenge most of us in some way, big or small.

We will feel the determination but also the sensation of it being very hard work to accomplish anything…whatever task it may be. Some of us might have been on the front edge of this wave and are already noticing the tense feeling.

The benefit is today is a good day to have serious meeting about what direction your goal needs to progress and who is willing to help give you momentum. Getting down to the small but important details we will be able to identify what changes must be made in order to get the momentum to swing in our favor. And if you are feeling a bit obsessive, fear not, you are not alone. Even the most carefree of us will find themselves caught up in the obsessive focus of this energy wave over the next TWO months.

Thursday brings the sensation of being out of control OR a surprise event that will give us a revelation in regard to where in our lives we HAVE to change if we are serious about becoming what we truly desire in our hearts. Still a good day for business connections of all kinds, through 2:55 p.m. EST. Then we have an eight hour window of down time to take a few moments to rest, reflect and center. Use it.

Friday as we head toward the evening in the western hemisphere, the energy is at the lowest ebb of the month, yet has a very “expecting” fell to it, as if something big is about to happen. And it is. This is the moon month that welcomes fall (in the North) and spring (in the South). It is a time of fullness, harvest, gathering and preparing for the coming winter. It is also the start of preparations for a growing season.

This is a VERY important time of the year. Look for the weekend energy flow to find out good ways to use this heightened time of connection to the Universe.

And last, please be careful! From my personal observations over the last 48 hours, we are in an accident prone flow and need to take extra care to double check before we make the decision to do something, like turn left, get on that chair, use the grill, fix dinner even make that comment.