Records SHATTERED and Advice to a Friend

Posted on October 1, 2013


»»»»Can’t died in a corn field.
If I was there, let’s just say you would be able to see how that hurts my heart. I was not popular, I was not prefect, did not have the same money, opportunity, assistance, not even a dad.
If I had bought into that mindset and thought pattern I would not be a published author, writing and able to make my way to do anything.
The first time someone told me I could not because of money or my appearance I said “watch”.
If your think you can’t, you are correct, you can’t.
If you think you can, you are correct, you can.
Go from your core, deep heart in the direction of the dream, goal our opportunity you desire. It will come to meet you!
Redirect your thoughts to I can…and you will. Giving in to “I can’t” is easy. Creating “I can” requires effort. And it is rewarded with The Best beyond your ability to imagine·«««««



A nice spot to think about how We Can!


Della always CAN!

This is my comment to a very beautiful young woman who is in the midst of finding her way in this crazy and sometimes cruel world.
If I listened to the hum-drum voices in my head and the conservative ideas of others, I would not be celebrating a record shattering month of blog traffic for September. I would not have appeared on television. I would not be helping others everyday increase and use their personal power to become more than they had ever dreamed possible.
I would not be seeing other (more well known) writers and teachers beginning to reach their followers and students with the message I have been sending and honing for over a decade.
I am astounded to be standing on the brink of The next Best phase of my life and work. I am humbled that I have been gifted to help, love and support so many varied and different types of people.
From children, teens to elders, young adults,  men and women, those who look to me for guidance represent the general population. And as you learn, you will then share and teach. There is no greater reward than this.
Thank you for being willing to try, to respond and to share with me.
My eternal gratitude shall outlast our human existence.
Much Love and The Best coming your way! AmberLena :)(: