Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report 9-30-2013

Posted on September 29, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Silver, White, Cream, Lavender

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Silver, Red, White

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Yellow, Orange, Gold, Green



Della looking comfy and cute...like usual!

Della looking comfy and cute…like usual!



Monday brings much of the same energy we saw on Sunday. Self focus helping us to weed out what is working and what needs to change now in order for us to continue moving into our Best life.

Several waves form the weekend are long lasting, taking us into the first week of October.  See blow for the ongoing effects to look for.


We will be thinking more about “me” and less about others…so be careful not to hurt other people’s feelings by being careless. It will be an outgoing day, with the spotlight finding each of us at some point. This flow last throughout the day Monday as well, starting our week off with a bit more energy than the low moon usually brings. WE will be in the mood to party and enjoy ourselves, so try to include others in these plans. No one likes a one person party!

We will be seeing big changes happening on all levels of the world, from our own personal to communities, governments and countries. People who are in the midst of major life changes can expect another big push in the direction of the path they are working. Not everyone will see or feel such big changes, but even on subtle levels, we can expect shifts to start taking place.

Hard work is paying off and the lack of it is causing issues. Try to stay in the area you have honed and out of places you are not sure about yet. This will help to keep us from getting in over our heads and into a mess we will have to struggle to get out.


We will also be noticing so many things we feel like we have been missing in life, and perhaps even have some regret going along with those realizations. DO NOT tear ourselves up with the “wishing I would have, could have or should have”! Take a moment and remember, the idealistic idea of how this life/thing/person/job might have been IS NOT REAL! It is only what our mind makes up for us to think it might have been like. There are downsides and hard times with everything, just like to good parts.

This energy wave will also help us to come up with new ideas and fresh thoughts on how to solve issues we are dealing with daily. Bright ideas, vivid dreams and innovation will abound, so be ready to write everything down to have record later, when we need to remember those great ideas or insights.

Through late October we will meet up with moments of indecision. Try not to be too impatient when people just cannot seem to make up their minds quickly. The next month will be full of weighing all options, and taking time to consider everyone involved before making a final decision.  All of us will have our moments, so give others their time for thinking it through.

~The hot passion is still in force. Make time for romance and be sure to tell those you love how you feel. Do not hold back and be sure to include the great friends, relatives and business partners as well as your family and lover. **See above for the warning about being careful with the feelings of others Saturday.

~Our creativity and intuition (gut feelings) are still in high gear. Keep track of our hunches, dreams and visions as they will help us figure out how to deal with issues that we will come up against as we trek through the next month.