Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Sept. 24-25, 2013

Posted on September 23, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Red, Black, Silver

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Yellow, Gold, Brown, Orange

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Burgundy, Turquoise, Green, Purple


The kind of day that makes you want to live forever today!

The kind of day that makes you want to live forever today!

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Wild daisies growing along the sidewalk.

Wild daisies growing along the sidewalk.


Our chatters will be on the next couple of days. Fun, flirty, upbeat and a bit scattered will be the energy for our mid-week.  This is a great week for networking and for making connections to further our goals. We will find opportunity and will provide some for others as well. Be open and ready for either and in many case both. Grab hold and do not wait to take advantage when it is offered. People will be genuine in their desire to help us and we should take it with a smile and motivation. We should also be ready to give help where we are able.

Take time for meetings which will deepen our relationships. Conversations will need to be real, not trying to fake it now. We are serious about those we love and respect. We expect the same in return, which we can accomplish if we are sincere and take time to delve into our deepest heart.

We will feel a bit more energetic by starting after 3:30 a.m. EST for the mid-week. A super upbeat and fortunate day is coming Thursday. More on that coming up by Wednesday. Check out The last two energy flow posts for a list of the ongoing, larger energy waves that are still effecting our overall lives.

Enjoy the week and BOLO for helpers! Creativity and dreams are still amped up, use that wave to reach new levels.