Making a Kitty Condo-Two Levels

Posted on September 21, 2013


My niece Emersyn and nephew Tanner came to spend the night last night. While Tanner and Gregg played video game, Emme and I got creative. We took two boxes I got from work and made a double decker cat playhouse.

Della loves it. Have not seen Tuxx or Cosmo get in it yet, but I am sure that Tuxx will be in there soon.


Here are the creative geniuses at work.


2013-09-20 21.54.51

The materials.

2013-09-20 21.55.03

Della is interested.


2013-09-20 22.08.35

Della got tape on her tale. We could not catch her for five minutes to pull it off for her.


2013-09-20 22.11.20

Emersyn checking the back entrance.


2013-09-20 23.05.22

View into the backdoor. The lower level has skylights for double cat play.


2013-09-20 23.07.03

The side window is in the shape of a cat face. Emme made a drawing with a top hat and bow tie for good kitty pictures.


2013-09-20 23.09.14

The main entrance to the custom Cat Condo. Emersyn made the sign and I did the vining flowers.


2013-09-20 23.09.29

2013-09-20 23.10.03

Della likes it!


2013-09-20 23.10.17

2013-09-20 23.12.12

Get your picture here!


2013-09-20 23.12.23

The back needs some more decor, but we ran out of time. The rabbit is in honor of Gregg. He loves it when the cats to the “bunny rabbit”. That is when they lay on their side and curl their front paws up like a bunny. Pookie was the best at that!