What to Do Today 9-18-2013

Posted on September 18, 2013


The heavy, sad energy wave of today had settled in. Already seeing it in myself and hearing from others, whether they know about it or not.
Here are a few tips to take us through this without making ourselves crazy with thoughts or ideas that are not actually true.
Wear orange, easy orange food, get some orange flowers, use an orange marker, even put an orange paper on your desk, pretty an orange animal.
Carry or wear a clear crystal gemstone today. Hold it, rub it, leave it out where you can see it.
Take time to be alone thinking of the things that make our life wonderful, even when we feel sad.
Take a nap and be sure to write down your dreams.
Take a walk.
Drink plenty of water or other hydrating fluids.
Limit alcohol and any pain or depressants medications….use with care today! Do not over do!
Smile at yourself in the mirror or just smile.
Play with a child.
Some of us will be more down than others. Some may start getting this push sooner than others. Some elk get this wave late, and for some it may be very mills. For those who are super down, please know that tomorrow, the”up”and happy will return and by the weekend a are going to be getting fine, like new.
Much love to all and chin up!


Della says smile!