A Special Energy Flow Report for Monday through Thursday Sept. 16-19, 2013

Posted on September 16, 2013






We have a roller coaster taking us into the full moon…as is typical.

Last month's Full Corn Moon...this month is Harvest Moon!

Last month’s Full Corn Moon…this month is Harvest Moon!

Monday lots of talking, contacts and conversation.

Tuesday lots of speaking our minds, and not so nicely. The benefit will be that we will be able to get some things off of our chest, but we will also have to listen to the other person air their concerns. This will not feel good as it happens, but it will help resolve underlying issues that have not been dealt with and need to be. Try not to be nasty, be firm and truthful. Nasty is not necessary. If nasty come at you, walk away or surround everything with pink light to help dissolve the anger.

Wednesday our love life seems to fizzle. DO NOT READ ANYTHING INTO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a one day feeling, not a change of heart. Other relationships may seem to be fading out as well as in business or family. Again, not to worry, by tomorrow, all will be feeling upbeat and back on track. This is a day that is best to do things alone. Give space and take it, allow each other to simply be. No demanding attention as this will only make someone feel stressed for no reason.

Thursday, the relationship energy gets heated up again as we continue in the hot passion (but possessive and jealous can creep in too) mode. Make up for the down time from yesterday with a bit of romance tonight. Celebrate the full moon with a walk together, a nice private or family meal outside or time cuddling with a favorite show or book or a family game night. For the working relationships, re-connect and compare notes on ideas and inspirations that will be coming through on Wednesday.

These are coupling with the pressure of the full moon, which wants us to take time for dreaming and looking for inspiration in the imagination instead of only work, work, work. Work and details are important, but we need to have balance, otherwise we will get bored.

Enjoy the week and remember Tuesday be kind because we can’t rewind!