Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Sept. 11-15, 2013

Posted on September 12, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:    Green, Turquoise, Burgundy, Purple

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:    White, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:    Brown, Gray, Black, Silver

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:    Gold, Orange, Yellow, White

Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:    Silver, Lavender, White, Cream


A beautiful treat on an early morning last month.

A beautiful treat on an early morning last month.



Oh what a week it has been! It seems that everyone has had their moment of really wonderful and super irritated. (Including yours-truly!)

Wednesday we see the mood become more upbeat and generous. We are feeling energetic and maybe even somewhat over-revved. This mood takes us up to Friday morning. Also on Wednesday the energy of relationships, money and passion changes. This will help to spice up our love lives. The down side is it will also come with a coloring of jealousy and suspicion for no reason. FOR NO REASON is the KEY thing to keep in mind for the next month! If we start feeling jealous, possessive or doubting our partner (romantic, business, friend or co-workers…all these relationships will be subject to this) STOP. Take time to ask the other person questions that will reassure you. Even ask for specific reassurance if need be. There is NO harm in putting our mind at ease by asking for information, instead of creating trouble where the really isn’t any. The upside to this is our emotional connections will deepen, our passion will be hotter and we will be privy to secrets (and also uncovering some as well). Best use of this energy is to have deep, meaningful discussions about the things that will strengthen our bonds with those we love, trust and want to partner with. Again this includes business connections as well as personal and romantic ones. This will help to deepen our excitement about projects, goals and dreams, motivating us to work even harder to make them real. Enjoy the next four weeks of high passion.

Wednesday and Thursday are upbeat, fun and generous. They do come with a bit of harsh talk and tender feelings. If you find yourself in either place…giving out the un-needed or unintended attitude, or receiving it, try to remember we all have our moments when we say things the wrong way or take them the wrong way. Be ready to apologize when you need to and accept one if it is given after the fact. If you do not get an “I’m sorry” where you need one, try not to hold onto the hurt. It will not do anything except drag you down. The person that needs to change their tone will have to learn their lesson the hard way if they do not see the issue with their behavior on their own.

From Thursday afternoon until Friday morning, take time to regroup and do not start anything new. Any news you get will not be as bad or good as it sounds during this time…meaning it will amount to nothing, so…No worries!

Several major waves will have us on our toes. Through Thursday, assert yourself in healthy ways where it is necessary…stand up for yourself for a change! Just do it professionally or nicely, no harsh feelings to bring a challenge back our way from being too mean.

For the next two weeks, making long term commitments is favored, IF you we really want to make them. Be sure you truly want to go into the situation for the long haul and if not SAY NO!!!!!!!!! It is okay to say no sometimes and important too. Do not give into pressure if your gut is telling you to wait.

Through next week, some of us will have our lives stirred up and in flux mode. Nothing ever stays the same forever, and those who are not change lovers may feel a bit upset, but in the end the change “will do us good” as the song goes. Take time to make time to do work for the best result and we will reap big dividends for your true efforts.

Saturday is a RED letter day! Lots of fun energy, great plausible ideas and intense conversations are in store for everyone. Romance will have a fairy tale feeling, with dreamy, wonderful love filled ideas and sweet nothings whispered. Be sure to keep in mind that this is an energy wave that is best for FANTASY not reality. Meaning doing fun, unusual things is supported, but no serious decisions based on the wonderful day should be made. By Sunday, the entire thing will be like a Cinderella dream, fun to remember but not something we can continue. Be a bit daring and do something new.

This day also brings a very stubborn energy with conversations that will be intense and uncompromising. When/if we find ourselves in the midst of a conversation that our opinion or ideas are not the same as the other person/people involved, best bet is to drop the topic until Sunday. Otherwise, no one is going to get their way and the anger will ruin an otherwise wonderful day, for nothing. We will be stuck by great ideas that we will be able to make real. The trick is we might have to do them alone, do to the energy mentioned above. A good thing to try might be to write them out, and wait until Sunday or even Monday come along to pitch them to our helpers, if we do not want to go it alone.

Starting on Saturday and lasting a couple of weeks we have two energy waves that will help us with getting our goals ready to put into action (next month) if we use them well. One is looking at the details while seeing the big picture. Meaning you have to look at everything with the entire project or situation in mind, while scouting out the pieces that need to be tweaked in order for the plan to work out for the best.

Also (Saturday is a GIANT energy wave day, so be sure to rest, take walks, exercise and do deep breathing as needed to keep for exploding, feeling upset or over committing) today the passion meter goes up a few more notches and this last until this time next month. It is a sexy, flirty and enjoyable energy, but it can also be a bit argumentative. Remember to use the ten (or twenty) count before reacting to anything, as well as breathing in pink light and breathing out anger when to hot heads meet. Walking away is always a good option as well to save a needless hurt.

The weekend overall will be very productive, although it will seem like we are plodding through it. The benefit is that we will be thorough and all that we do will have a very solid foundation to start from. Writing action step and goal lists is a good idea now. These lists are ones we will work from, not ones to put in the Helpful People attracting area. We could make two if we want, one for us and one for the Universe. This will give them even more power to become reality.

Wow!!! That is A LOT OF INFO!!!! We will want to revisit this post over the coming weeks to remind ourselves of what waves are pushing our buttons and where we can help ourselves stay out of trouble and into fun! I will be re-sharing some of this info in future updates, so you will not have to go back looking for this post every time, but you might want to book mark it, just in case. And be sure to share this with those you know would like top have the heads up.

Enjoy the weekend, and know that by Monday we are going to be feeling like those dreams are set on a solid foundation. Next week we see a shift that by mid-October will have everything we have been working on over the past six month start to take off like gang-busters. Get some rest and get ready to roll. It will be a wonderful ride! Much Love and All The Best to Everybody!!!