Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Sept 9-10, 2013

Posted on September 8, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Silver, White, Cream, Lavender

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, White, Red, Silver

WednesdaPersonal Power Boosting Colors:

Gold, Yellow, Brown, Orange

A very cool shot of moss on the old US 40 bridge out west in Putnam county Indiana.

A very cool shot of moss on the old US 40 bridge out west in Putnam county Indiana.

***Coming our way Monday: a day of high, hard-headed energy. Explosions are likely, either the fuel and fire kind or the emotional outburst kind and maybe even both. If we can lay low and stay out of the way of those who tend to push us to the anger point, we will help ourselves a bunch. Also, strenuous work or exercise, the kind that makes us sweat, get dirty and feel tired when we are finished is the best outlet for this type of emotional energy. Arguing can lead to physical confrontations, which will not end well. If you happen into one of those situations, Think PINK! Pink glowing all around everyone and everything. This helps to calm the anger energy. Ringing a bell in the during an argument will also diffuse the anger.****

Because we are in a mood of being suspicious and critical, it will make the clashing mood of Monday even more acute. It will be a good day to do business, but we will have to be on the up and up…no trying to bluff our way through. If we try to act like we have skills we don’t, it will not fly and we will crash and likely burn. However, if we are true about our talents and willing to put our best foot forward with assertion and true commitment, we will find ourselves making un-thought of progress toward our loftiest goals.

Our communications will become more fair and softer. (With the exception that Monday may well be rough and some unkind words are likely to be said and heard.) We will be in the mood and have the tools to smooth over any blow ups that have happened in the past few weeks, and perhaps even long running feuds will be resolved as well. This energy comes with a bit of indecision and a tendency to be overly judgmental of others (and ourselves). If you find you are in the judging mode, stop and remember how it feels when someone assumes something about you without knowing you or having all of the back story. Think about how bad it hurts when you are on the receiving end of such and step back from that mindset.

Beat bet is to lay low Monday, make important contacts and requests if possible. If no contacts are to be made, write something about your desires for the rest of the year. And when you write your note, make it in present tense, being thankful for it having already happening. No wishing or hoping, but being thankful and excited about how wonderful it is to have accomplished this dream with the help of the Creator and Universe. ALWAYS end with a Thank-You to the Universe for sending the Best people and opportunities to assist you.

Enjoy the week start. The mid-week will be upbeat and energetic with the weekend primed for getting important, thorough jobs done.