Weekend Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Sept. 7-8, 2013

Posted on September 6, 2013




Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Purple, White, Pink, Orange, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Gray, Brown, Blue, Black

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Yellow, Gold, Orange, White

Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Silver, White, Cream, Lavender

Roberta, Carolyn, Amber **Aunt Roberta, Mom and me***

Roberta, Carolyn, Amber
**Aunt Roberta, Mom and me***

The weekend brings a fun, romantic and fair feel to everything we do. Saturday continues the string of good luck and beneficial contacts.

It is a feel good weekend for sure. We are likely to be a bit indecisive and uncertain, but when we make a decision it will be thoroughly considered from all sides and the best for all involved.

We are back in the growth groove. Work on projects, plant fall flowers and crops (such as cool weather items like cabbage, lettuce, radish and the like).

We will get the momentum going on our action step lists by doing at least tangible thing to complete a step. We do not have to get the entire step done, nor does it have to be crossed off (it is okay if we do get the totally completed but not required). We are in a very accomplishment driven energy wave now, so this is on of the best times of year to get LOTS of stuff done.

There are a couple of other things we can do to help things along AND be sure our request letters/wish lists/notes to the Universe have a clear connection. One is clean our windows, inside and out. If you have upper floors, at least clean the insides. My new windows tilt into the house so I can clean both sides from INSIDE the house. Most newer windows are made like that.  If the top pane will slide down, most likely yours are too. Cleaning windows and mirrors helps us to gain clarity, which we need while working our Dream-Plan.

Another is to clean and organize any cluttery area. It does not matter where or what…a drawer, closet, under the bed, office, bathroom, pantry, kid’s room, whatever. Even dusting and organizing things is enough to get the blockages out and let the Universe flow in freely. Do not feel daunted if you have several areas that need cleaning (like me!). Just pick one and finish it all the way. That will get the motor running, plus the sense of accomplishment will boost our mood as well.

Our long running energy of major changes, out of the blue, that will take our lives in totally new directions is still with us (will be for a few more years…yes, years). That is why it seems like so many people are having major life events all around us (and even us). This energy of change is strong and cannot be stopped. We have to learn to live differently, in the “new” parameters that life takes on after changes like job change, death, divorce, children graduating, letting go of old habits; those type of major changes.

Also our secrets are still in danger of being discovered, be sure if you have one it is worth the trouble…most are not. I heard a great saying once…If something is not “okay” to share with the people in your inner circle, then you should not be doing it. This is true because if we do not feel we can share it, then it most likely unhealthy, for either our body or our relationships. Remember that if you happen to get found out, it is most likely for the good of your overall life, even if in the moment things really stink!

***Coming our way Monday: a day of high, hard-headed energy. Explosions are likely, either the fuel and fire kind or the emotional outburst kind and maybe even both. If we can lay low and stay out of the way of those who tend to push us to the anger point, we will help ourselves a bunch. Also, strenuous work or exercise, the kind that makes us sweat, get dirty and feel tired when we are finished is the best outlet for this type of emotional energy. Arguing can lead to physical confrontations, which will not end well. If you happen into one of those situations, Think PINK! Pink glowing all around everyone and everything. This helps to calm the anger energy. Ringing a bell in the during an argument will also diffuse the anger.**** More on next week tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy, be safe and many, many thanks for a record month in August! September has already started with a new record of two day in a row of over 100 views per day!!! I am just flying, I am so excited!!! Thank you, thank you, everyone thank you!!!