Example: My Letter to the Universe for Today 9-4-2013

Posted on September 4, 2013


We are in a 50-plus hour sweet spot of energy that will make the beginning of some major successes for most of us in the world.

Now is the time, this is the place.  Again I say…call, write, send the sample, ask the favor, make the first step, invest even a tiny bit…do something tangible to show The Universe we are committed to success in The Best.

This is a period where everything we do that is focused on putting us in a more secure and healthier life style will grow into long term behaviors and habits.

Revisiting any resolution we made at The New Year will pay off big. Determination and growth are the touch stones here. It may take a while (as all sturdy, strong and reliable things do), but the things we start during the next 48 hours will be the solid foundation our next Best life and World is built upon.

For not only does this energy apply to us individually, but it also affects change on a global and Earth body scale.

Enjoy the ride and let me know how the letters work out for you. I am planning a new workshop for next year and this will be a main feature. I would be honored to have your input.

See this post from yesterday. It will help explain all of the different ways you can write and word your “wish list” in order to give it an extra boost in attracting all the resources and help you need to bust through the goals you set.



The letter I wrote for today. i am going to write one tomorrow and Friday too!

The letter I wrote for today. i am going to write one tomorrow and Friday too!

Written in pencil. You could cut the paper into a bell shape if you want or just use a regular sheet or even a pretty card or stationary, even letterhead.

***Physical energy note: what makes this a powerful tool is that we are using our Human (ego) side to HELP us tell the Creator the things we want. So not only are we using our thoughts and heart energy, our imagination and desire vibrations, we are also using good old fashioned see it, touch it, feel it resources. This gives it a more tangible and POSSIBLE feeling to us when we are working on the steps it takes to get there!***