How to Write a Letter to the Universe

Posted on September 3, 2013


There are always a handful of days each year that are above the rest in terms of the energy of opportunity. We are in the midst of one of those weeks now. I have posted information about abundance checks before, but I was asked today for specific information about how to write a “wish” list.

The same steps for a Wish List apply to a list of Action Steps or any list of things that we need to accomplish on the way to achieving our dreams.

First get a pencil. You can use pen, but the gray color of the pencil writing gives off an energy wave that helps to attract helpful people, which is one of the things we will need to succeed. If you can get gray paper, that would be great also, but it is not necessary. And if you like, you an cut the paper into the shape of a bell to give it even more power to attract the people and resources you need to make your wished come true.

Next, you should title your list. This will depend on the focus of the list you are making. You will make more than one list as you go along your path for sure. I have several. Some have been completed. I keep those in a folder so I can look back at them and see how much of them came true (all of them get crossed off, or answered, at some point).

Try things like “Ten Things to do Before age 30” (or 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90…etc.) Perhaps Ten Wished for My Best Life. Ten Things I Need Help to Achieve. Ten Ways for Me to Get The Best Job for Me. Ten Wishes for My Best Health. Ten Wishes for a Happy Family. Ten Wished for The Best Partner in my Life.  You get the drift (I hope)!

These are examples of titles for your list. After you know what area of life you are going to focus on, Start writing down the first things that come to mind when you think of the dream or goal you have. Do not number them, just keep track of how many there are. This keeps you from focusing too much on one of the wishes (or steps) and too little on another due to the placement of number value it has. The first one you think of may not be the one that needs the most work. It could be the easiest.

You can plot these on a draft, then transfer them to the final paper in pencil (gray and shaped like a bell if you want). I will post an example of a list I will make tomorrow.

Also, there can be less or more than ten things per list. If this is the can, just take out the word Ten and use the title without a specific number, or use the number you end up with.

And if you are not into list, a letter will work just as well. You can simply say something like “Dear Creator/ Universe,” Then write a letter asking to send The Best people and resources to support your efforts in attaining the goal or dream you are working on at the moment. Close the letter with a Thank You for granting and sending everything I need to “get my best job” or “go on the best vacation” or “the best way to get reliable transportation”.

Place these in the Helpful People Section of your house or room and you will give it and even bigger boost of attracting energy.

stand in the doorway facing into your space. The main door will be in the blue, black or gray areas, or it may over lap two of them. The Helpful People area is the nearest right corner to the main door. The main door could even be in this corner. It is one ninth of the entire space of your room or house. Keep your lists in this area to boost the attraction powers.


Thanks to my friend who asked for these instructions. Please let me know if I left anything out or if you have any question at all!

Have a great week and get out there. Ask! Grab at the chance with both hands and hold on tight. We are golden now and the iron is hot! Strike it!!!!