Weekend Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Friday August 30, 31 and September 1, 2013

Posted on August 29, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Orange, Pink, Lavender, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Gray, Black, Blue, Brown

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Orange, Yellow, Gold

Bridge in Indiana part of old US 40. Lovely!

Bridge in Indiana part of old US 40. Lovely!

Friday is the day we need to Step on the spring board. To get acquainted, not to jump yet…next week is for the lift off! The thoughts we have, the things we decide to do, the words we say and the palms we make now will be long lived and full of manifesting power. Be sure you are focused on attracting The Best Things, so the Universe can send all of the resources you need to give you more than you have ever imagined.

A day of emotional events and conversations. Home and family will be the focus. This carries us through Sunday evening, so the weekend is good for family gatherings. Some may feel like keeping to themselves, but if we are up to it, the reunions ans gatherings will be full of love, laughter and a renewed sense of connection with those we hold most dear and have the most history with.

As advertised we are going to be feeling more and more motivated to being our next set of action steps on the road to our dreams. WE ar goign to feel like changing our lives, our homes and perhaps even the location in which we work and live. Friday is a day to assess how much of home needs t be tended to and if there is anything we can let go of that does not fit into he “necessary to live” section.

Withthis energy comes the need to begin working on ideas that we have had earlier in the month or past few days. The nice thing is hard work with satisfaction as the end reward in mind will pay off in far greater ways than just being satisfied in the end As we get ready for next week’s full moon, do not hold back on digging in and getting dirty and exhausted in pursuit of the goal. Lady Luck is smiling on the ones who will work for it now. Give it all you’ve got.

Saturday and Sunday are likely to be much the same as Friday. It seems lack luster, but the low moon and lowest energy days of the month make this a weekend that will feel long, like the same day is happening over but productive and useful.

 Take some time this weekend to be alone and really tune into what you feel in your deep-heart will be the best direction for you. The entire next week is tailor made for doing business, making connections, asking for favors, starting projects and all sorts of other business endeavors. Take time this weekend to get quiet, makes notes and get the head straight.

***Love life is in a stay as you are now mode. If you have not begun the relationship, do not try to start one now. Instead, enjoy things as they are and wait a few days for things to become more clear overall. No need to ask for a difficult time, wen you can simply wait.