Another Blasted Goal!

Posted on August 27, 2013


As I sit here only TWO views away from busting through a goal I had not even considered earlier this year, I am amazed at how far this blog and my posts have come.

I have consistently and without waiver posted a report that gives everyone an idea of which colors will boost there mood and productivity each day, as well as what the over all mood of people and events will be for each day/week.

When I started, having 10 to 20 views per day was HUGE!!! (And it still is!) Then after about a year I found that everyday, I could and SHOULD expect at least 10, if not more. That number has now crept up to a baseline of 20 minimum per day, and I did not realize it AT ALL.

The most rewarding part is that the labor of love and the anchor to all of this work, The Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report, is beginning to become its very own entity. As the old saying goes, a bucket will fill up one drop at a time. ^^If the drops are slower than evaporation, this is not the case. I think that means you have to be sure to keep the “water” (in this case posts) flowing.^^

At this time, I am seeing at least 25-40 view for each report posted! That is a dream come true for me.

And dreams do not come true without work and persistence. Add in awesome people like you who read, use and share the posts and this information and BAM!!!! We have got a whole new outlook on each day and how to deal with it in a more productive (if not positive) manner.

I have said this a lot over the past couple of months. Sometimes, you work at something in your life, a passion, a calling. And depending on what it is, there might be lots of learning and ground work to do before major results are seen. This reminds me of gardening from seed. You get the ground ready, you prepare well. You plant the seeds. You tend them, making sure they have all of the moisture, light and nutrition they need to sprout. After watching the ground each day for signs of growth, suddenly, the tiny points of green emerge. OH Happy Day!!! Then there are lots of sprouts, and more WORK to be done. To tend, water and make sure weeds and bugs do not take over (these are distractions and worries in life). This stage seems to last a while. Seedling. Seedling, please won’t you grow? And you think it is gonna be nothing but green stalks and all plant for the longest time. But if you want your garden to be The Best, you continue to tend to it. You read up on new ways to use the fruit/vegetables, learn how best to manage the time it takes to maintain and tend, you become acquainted with the new being that are growing because of your love and commitment. Then just as you think, “when are we even going to see signs of produce?”..BAM!! Again! You start to see the tiny baby fruits/veggies taking shape.

This is the stage I find my self in just now. With three TV appearances, word of mouth is starting to carry what I have learned and want to share on this blog, one of the biggest workshop attendances and books sales happening without me trying, I suddenly see those tiny fruits beginning to form!

And it is exciting, scary, tense, anticipation filled and thrilling to be standing on the edge of the next growth stage. I am ready. I have been asking and working for this for over twenty years. I vow to be The Best steward of the knowledge and opportunities I have been given to share.

I am more than thankful to everyone of you “Honey-Bees” who have helped to spread the “pollen” of The Amber Light garden by following, learning, using and sharing. Without you, nothing would have grown. You are and will be most cherished as the days come, the fruits grow, ripen and become harvest.

Forever in my heart, my eternal thanks. AmberLena Powers Della Vita, The Amber Light

Makin' me feel like a very happy camper!!! Feels like a million!!! :o)

Makin’ me feel like a very happy camper!!! Feels like a million!!! :o)

***Whilst writing, it happened!!! Around 10:25 we did it!!! Thanks, and here’s to 30,000 more in less than HALF the time!