Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow August 26-27, 2013

Posted on August 25, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Cream, Lavender, Silver

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Silver, White, Red

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Yellow, Gold, Brown, Orange

The moon shining through the grass on my beach this weekend made me feel like I might be at the ocean, instead of in Indiana.

The moon shining through the grass on my beach this weekend made me feel like I might be at the ocean, instead of in Indiana.

WE are in a highly creative flow now. Make the most of it by brainstorming ideas on how to do things differently to boost our success, solve issues and attract the best life!

Thorough, stubborn, comfort, stable. All of these energies greet the start to our week. We will most likely wish we could stay in bed and laze around, but duty calls. At least we will get some work done.

Be ready to make note of any new ideas and crazy dreams, as they are telling us what we need to do come the end of the week. That is when the hazy veil will lift and we can go full speed ahead at doing the work and minding the details needed to make our highest goals reality. Late Tuesday evening we get a huge shift of ambition and motivation that will be very welcomed by everyone.

Our need for freedom and to feel like we can be ourselves no matter what is high at this time. Be careful not to burn any bridges as we will need them in a few days. Take time out for you and do something new or daring to satisfy the need to be different.

We are always looking to others to help us in our journey, Be sure NOT to allow the opinions and ideas of others to dictate how we should act and what we should do now. We need to make our OWN minds up, and we might have a tendency to let others influence us too much. Take are to step back and wait if that seems to be happening.

Watch out for overly critical and nit-picky attitudes. Do not get so caught up in the fact that someone forgot to cross the “t” that you miss our on what a great job they did overall. You can ruin someone’s confidence and ambition forever by one comment about something so trivial it will never be noticed by anyone else.  We have all had that moment when a person says one small comment that changes the way we act. Many times, we find out later they did not realize they said it, they were kidding or they did not mean it the way we heard it.

Our clarity now is not good. We are apt to misunderstand others and to make mistakes (even have accidents) due to inattention and assuming things are one way when they are not. The next week is really made for spending time looking at our dreams, the things we already have going, and finding new, creative ways to move them along. We will also be supported in looking at our plans and getting rid of any ideas that are based in fantasy instead of reality. That means the “pie in the sky” stuff like waiting to win the lotto or for a mysterious inheritance or help from people who we have not asked or those who are not interested in our dreams, stuff like that. If those fantasies are part of your “game plan” we will need to let those go. This is where the brainstorming of doable, tangible methods comes in.

We will be reminded (over the next couple of weeks) that if we are not doing the work but are expecting a reward, we are sadly mistaken. And we will be disappointed. Because no matter how it seems from the outside, if you look to someone who is “making their dreams come true” or “is having a stroke of great luck” you will find if you dig around, they have been working, tirelessly, likely for years, to be harvesting the results you see. Meaning you too can be as successful and attract the best life ever, if you are willing to take time to make a plan and DO THE STEPS that are in the plan to get there.