Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report August 23-25, 2013

Posted on August 23, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Red


Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Brown, Blue, Gray


Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Yellow, Gold, Orange, White


the full Corn Moon August 2013

the full Corn Moon August 2013



We are revved and ready to start work on some fantastic ideas and revolutionary ways to improve our lives and cross off steps to our goals. HOWEVER…(always know that a time of waiting comes after that word)….We have about a week (until next Friday, the 30th) before we will have all of the clarity and information we need to get things off to the best start possible.

Our clarity now is not good. We are apt to misunderstand others and to make mistakes (even have accidents) due to inattention and assuming things are one way when they are not. The next week is really made for spending time looking at our dreams, the things we already have going, and finding new, creative ways to move them along. We will also be supported in looking at our plans and getting rid of any ideas that are based in fantasy instead of reality. That means the “pie in the sky” stuff like waiting to win the lotto or for a mysterious inheritance or help from people who we have not asked or those who are not interested in our dreams, stuff like that. If those fantasies are part of your “game plan” we will need to let those go. This is where the brainstorming of doable, tangible methods comes in.

We will be reminded (over the next couple of weeks) that if we are not doing the work but are expecting a reward, we are sadly mistaken. And we will be disappointed. Because no matter how it seems from the outside, if you look to someone who is “making their dreams come true” or “is having a stroke of great luck” you will find if you dig around, they have been working, tirelessly, likely for years, to be harvesting the results you see. Meaning you too can be as successful and attract the best life ever, if you are willing to take time to make a plan and DO THE STEPS that are in the plan to get there.

****This weekend we will be prone to feeling insecure and jealous….but for No Real Reason. So will our partners. Be sure to clarify EVERYTHING. And so NOTHING at all until next week. (See the above for all of the reasons why you should clarify and wait to make life changing decisions.) Then Sunday we will get a dose of the “I will just take my toys and go home”…ready to stomp off and give up. The solution to this is to do something active and even strenuous (yes, passionate intimacy with your partner will work here). But when that is not going on, taking on a project together (or apart if you need some space, or they do) that requires effort and thought will help deflect and disperse the insecure, jealous and “run away” feelings. We need to hold off on our initial reactions and be sure to explain to our partners why they might be over-reacting if they get out of round. Do not go with your first reaction no matter what.****

The weekend starts with a fast paced, impatient feel. From 6:40 p.m. EST Friday until 7:16 a.m. EST Sunday, doing business and making contacts with great success is supported. From 7:16 a.m. Sunday to 9:15 a.m. EST Sunday, we take a breather, then move into a slower, more determined energy wave. This will be good for working on projects that take time or need to have consideration and patience while doing them. Home improvements, garden and landscape, cleaning and clearing are all good tasks for this day, Monday and most of Tuesday. (Please adjust these times for your time zone, for all of my worldwide and nation wide readers.)

Sunday will also be good for just lazing around, eating comfort foods, spending time napping, reading, watching good movies, in general hanging out. It is also a lasting energy, so remember any decisions you make now will be hard, if not impossible, to change later….heed the above advice and WAIT until late next week to make the final determination about important, lasting decisions.

Out intuition, dreams and visions will be heightened and full of important messages during this time of low clarity, so be sure to pay attention, write them down (to use next week when we are ready to roll) and get them interpreted if they make no sense to you. All dreams (and even visions) are full of symbols which are directions to the things we need to attract our Best Life. Not what we THINK we WANT but what we REALLY NEED to make this time on this Earth The Best it can be for each of us.

Enjoy the weekend! Send me any questions, thoughts or dreams. I will be happy to hear from everyone!