Indy Style TV…Feeling Like A Regular Guest

Posted on August 21, 2013


Here is the link to the spot I had on Channel 8’s Indy Style TV today.

I had a WONDERFUL time as always! Gregg and I saw so many familiar faces today from pilot Keith McCutchen, Lauren Lowery, Julie Patterson, Steve Bray, Pamela Gardner, Jim Shella and many more. Everyone is so nice and they are now beginning to recognize Gregg and I as people they have seen before. Lisa, the face of My Indy TV even told me I did a “great job” when I left the set.

I cannot express my gratitude in words to Peggy McClelland (exec producer) Amy Markey, Andi, Tracey and all of the production crew and interns who make this possible for me. I am still amazed and pinching myself to think that I…little old Amber from Plainfield Indiana has found her way to take a crazy idea and make it into something that helps people AND is interesting enough to be on television.

Next stop, national morning shows plus the Chicago Tribune and New York Times best-seller lists.

As always, the thanks go to all of you, those who read my posts, have taken my classes, read my book and are using The Energy Grid. Without all of you, this is just a crazy idea that some girl had once. Eternal gratitude for being a major factor in creating this reality.

Big love to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!