Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report August 20-22, 2013

Posted on August 19, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Silver, White, Red

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Brown, Yellow, Green, Orange, Gold

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Turquoise, Green, Purple, Burgundy

This is the house where my Mom was born and grew up in Hazlewood Indiana. It is so cute and has the neatest woods behind it.

This is the house where my Mom was born and grew up in Hazlewood Indiana. It is so cute and has the neatest woods behind it.

A pretty garden too!

A pretty garden too!

Full Moon Fever with a Blue moon kicker! Sounds like an active, emotional day. Have no fear, it will be active, fun and full of new ideas.  We will be group/community minded, whether it be focused on family, school, team or volunteering.  Finding new ways to do old things, breaking out of our ruts and balancing the things we need for our self with how we can help others will be the theme for the next month.

Starting Wednesday we will be in the mood to make some majors changes to our homes and/or family life.  This energy will last into Thursday as well, These two days will be very important for visions, dreams, intuitive thoughts and gut feelings. Some of us will find ourselves in the midst of the most wonderful moments of our lives. Blessing will be raining down and good fortune will abound.

Our clarity will be a bit compromised, so be sure that you are certain about what is being said BEFORE jumping to conclusions or reacting. Give the other person a chance to explain if you feel offended or hurt by something someone says. During this whole week, we are apt to misunderstand. It will be important to our success to take time to clarify & evaluate instead of assuming our first impression is what was actually being said.

We have a great wave of “getting LOTS done” coming as we get into the weekend. More on that later this week, but be sure to know that all and any of the new ideas and new awesome people/connections made on Wednesday will be pulled together in a detailed, doable plan after we get into Thursday.

Thursday we being our yearly trek into the health focused, detail oriented and getting the job done right energy. We will be accomplishing much of what we have been working toward, or making giant strides in getting to our goal. The only caveat with this energy is is can be overly picky and caught up in too many details. We have a tendency to to get to focused on one little thing that is “just not right” which can waylay our progress. We might also find ourselves being overly critical of ourselves or others, which will also hinder our progress. If you catch yourself in this mode, stop, walk away, clear you head by doing something else and go back later.

The recap, this is a wonderful week, full of high energy, fun gatherings and great connections. Get out, go somewhere, do something with other people. Take time to make connections that will benefit you and the other people in your life. This is a good feeling, happy week with lots of uplifting energy to give all of us a much needed boost of confidence.

Enjoy that full moon tonight. Check it out and post some pictures if you get the chance.

P.S. Don’t forget if you are in the Indianapolis area, set your recorders or tune in Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. on channel 8 to the IndyStyle show as I will be making my (already) third appearance of the year! This time we will be talking about the most asked questions I get at the Easy Way to Feng-Shui workshops.