Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 8-19-2013

Posted on August 18, 2013


Monday Personal Power Colors:

Lavender, White, Cream, Silver

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Silver, White, Red

Last year's full moon from August 2012...orange and lovely.

Last year’s full moon from August 2012…orange and lovely.

Monday…Funday, right?

Freedom, Independence, the need to help our fellow humans…Those do not seem to go together and yet, to become The Best humans we can be, the innovation of freedom is exactly what it takes to pull together.

We are in the Full Moon energy and we are feeling like nothing is just good enough, yet we can look at our lives and see the accomplishments. The second Full moon in the sign of Aquarius this year, this is truly what a “blue moon” means. Not int he same month, but in the same astrological sign. This means there is extra emphasis on the energy of that sign, in this case Aquarius. Not to get too far into the astrology, let’s just day this is an important boost to the evolution of awareness for the entire world.

As for us, here, close to home and in this moment, it means that people will be acting a bit more rebellious, and yet interested in helping those in need. If you feel like you want to run away from it all…funny to day, but join the club, we are all wanting to run “away”. The only issue with that is if we all go “away” then we are not really separate from anything. :o)

Take a walk, read a book, spend a bit of time doing something new, different and a bit daring.

Enjoy the day and the revealing energy of the full moon.