Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report August 16-18, 2013

Posted on August 16, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Colors:

Brown, Gray, Black, Blue

Sunday Personal Power Colors:

Yellow, Gold, Orange, White

Monday Personal Power Colors:

Lavender, White, Cream, Silver


I had hopscotch to make my walk fun last night!

I had hopscotch to make my walk fun last night!



The weekend is going to start with a two hour window of opportunity to make good contacts and share important information that will help us in whatever endeavor we are working on at present.

Friday afternoon until almost midnight (EST….adjust your time according to your area on Earth, my Eastern friends, this will be more like Saturday during the day), we are kind of aimless and not focused. We will still be in an upbeat mood, or perhaps even a bit let down and angry, depending on your personality and what has been happening in your life lately. It will be mostly non-eventful, and if we have issues or get any news (good or bad) we can count on it will not amount to much if anything. No setting appointments or dates during this time, as they will be changed. This will be a good afternoon/evening/morning to do easy, mundane tasks, things we are typically doing, housework, oil change, yard work or even our normal daily tasks at work. if you have a call or conversation that you have to have but are afraid will not go well, now is a good time to have it, as the energy will allow you to make the connection with out major repercussions

This leads into a Saturday and Sunday that are made for going slow, being thorough and getting something accomplished. Most likely something that will take time, effort and yet we will feel extremely rewarded when we are finished with the project. Major projects that require deep thought, cleaning, clearing and a steady, determined pace will be the best to tackle.  We might also be stubborn, or meet up with people who are not willing to give in. Try to be the one to let go of the subject or object if you realize you are at an impasse. We will not be able to convince others to change their minds until next week, if ever, and that energy is best spent somewhere constructive. This includes spending time alone, exercise, walks, reading and any other activities that will help to release the frustrations we might have building up from other peoples’ attitudes.

Over all the weekend stands to have us looking back at it with a sense of pride an accomplishment. WE will have lots of energy to use as we are building up to the Full Moon Tuesday! If the crazy seem like it is ramping up, consider yourself warned as to why. This full moon will be focused on our independence, freedom of choice and how we can help our community.

Enjoy yourself, take your time and do not let yourself get bogged down in others’ dilemmas.

Check your dreams, watch your visions and above all, do one major step on your action goal list to help propel your dreams closer to reality. And remember, if you are looking at a dream fulfilled, start figuring out what the next goal will be. Life is made of goals to reach for and the steps we take to get there, Otherwise, it is long, boring and mostly pointless…and I know everyone reading this is looking for a life of excitement and success, not a boring, “wish I would have” story to tell!!! Go get it!

Much love and my humblest thanks as always (the 30,000 view goal is less than 600 away as of today!)