Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Thursday 8-15-2013

Posted on August 14, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Burgundy, Turquoise, Orange, Green, Purple

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Purple, Pink, Orange, Red

Three cheers to the Universe for continuing to provide open opportunities!

Three cheers to the Universe for continuing to provide open opportunities!



Communication is the highlight of our week as we go from one peak to another in getting our thoughts, feelings and message out to the world.

Our secrets are still apt to be uncovered in moments of crises. This deep reaching wave last until the middle of September. Continue to be on guard, if you have not already had the “pleasure” of dealing with this (as some of us have).

We might well find ourselves unprepared (this may have already happened to many of us). If our skill level is as we have advertised, we will be able to pull out of a blunder using the true knowledge and expertise we have gained to date. If not, we will not be able to “fake our way” through it. We will have to admit we are not ready or do not have the skill set necessary to complete the task.

Dealing with emotional issues will not be successful this week as we really do not have the time or energy to get into them. Waiting until next week will be better, as we will be in a better relationship flow, making us able to mend fences and make peace.

A lively and upbeat start to the weekend as we move into Thursday. Talkative and generous the day will be full of activity. We are likely to get lots of work done. There are no major new waves happening to day, just what we have been talking about all month (see above).  Our wit and intuition will be amplified during this time, so pay attention to your hunches and your dreams.

Come Friday, we see more shifts, an especially beneficial one for all of our relationships, lovers, friend, business, you name it, the connection is going to get closer and more pleasant over the next few weeks. Enjoy some much needed romance and personal face to face connections.

More on that tomorrow, along with the weekend report.

Enjoy your Thursday and be sure to pass on the word…I have yet ANOTHER appearance scheduled on IndyStyle TV net week! I just found out tonight, and I am so happy!!! Thank you Peggy McClelland for giving me such a wonderful opportunity!