A Minefield of Milestones!

Posted on August 14, 2013



Della looks like I felt exhausted but happy!

Della looks like I felt exhausted but happy!



It seems that as we go through life, underestimating and taking for granted will cause each one of us to make unforgettable blunders at times.

Saturday, the web of crazy (universal) energies that we are ‘swimming’ through at present caught me, threw me for a loop and spit me out!

Fortunately, I landed on my feet, bewildered and yet more confident and motivated than ever to make the next big step in the path to my dreams.

It seems like the entire year has been full of new and unexpected things to draw our attention to the things that are truly important in living this life.

This year I took a pay cut (not less hours, just less pay), our 15 year old cat Pookie unexpectedly passed away, one of my favorite aunts dies and I did not find out until later. Those are milestones, especially as a person finds themselves smack in the middle of life, saying “How did the time go by so fast?”.

The latest one that happened was as unexpected as any I have even had in my life. It occurred Saturday August 10, 2013.

I had a workshop scheduled at the book store here in town. New Age People where I have been hosting workshops for over two years. The most people I have had in any class is seven and that was a free class at a gala event.

With everything that has been going on, and all of the wound licking and processing of unexpected information, I have not taken time (nor have I felt motivated) to make and keep at least 10 Energy Grid kits on hand. I had also given a friend the task of making some kits up for me and they had not done any yet either. (There is a hint of where this story is headed!)

For whatever reason, I also did not call the shop ahead to see how many I had signed up. Typically I do. But sometimes I like to not “jinx” my self by counting the eggs before they are collected…getting my hopes up for having several people and then they cancel OR finding out no one has signed up and I will likely drive over and back having had no class. (I have done that at least three times.)

I had enough stuff for five Energy Grid kits. So thirty minutes before I was supposed to leave the house, I called to find out how many they had on the book. The girl says, “Oh it looks like 12.”

Needless to say, I about pooped my pants. Seriously. I still had to finish drying my hair. But all of that thought went straight out the window when I had to race around in my head trying to figure out if I had enough worksheets, what supplies I would need, and how it happened that I was just about to fumble the ball in the end zone, about to hit the wall in turn 4, about to clang the clutch shot. Plus, no one was around to help. Gregg had to move a car so he was gone.

I had to call back and ask the owner to set tables up for me, which she very nicely did for me. I arrived at exactly the time class was to start, shaken up, nervous as all get out and supremely sick at how under prepared I was.

The Best Thing was that I had given this class many times before, so I would have no trouble giving them a good presentation. But I did not have kits for everyone in the class, actually I only had one whole kit, as it turned out.

I went to the restroom and had the class come in and be seated. I think I started about 10 minutes late maybe. I did not look at the time.

I introduced myself, I thanked them profusely for coming, being patient and being a part of my largest class to date of 13! When I counted them, I was very awed and they could see my sincerity. I explained about not having enough kits. I passed out the worksheets, told them I would not take time for trying to learn names and began the class.

I must have went into the zone, because about 45 minutes later I was pausing for questions and had three different people with their hands up. By the end of class, I would say at least 8-9 of them each asked for specific help with things in their homes the wanted to do when then left!

I collected addresses so I could mail the kits to the people who would not get one that day. Luckily, I was able to use the kits they had on the floor there at the store, so I was able to send four people home with theirs. Everyone remarked at how the presentation was very good, how interesting they found it and how they had learned something.

And because even in this very uncomfortable, embarrassing lesson the Universe needed to be sure I felt the thrill of excitement, the group of ladies who are a members of the Red Hat Society told me they would go to lunch and come back by later to pick up their kits if I wanted to stay and cut them out right then. Which I happily did! Thank You so much Red Hats, for helping me out by being nice and by choosing The Easy Way to Feng-Shui workshop as your outing for the month! I am honored and grateful! Also a big shout out to my other attendees, who were very good at asking questions that helped the class learn more, and more quickly!

The end of this goes something like, I cried after I left, did not speak for an hour after I got home. Did not tell my best friend for three days and am just now blogging about it. Why, because I felt like I let the Universe down by not being 100% prepared for gigantic success, even though that is exactly WHAT I have been asking for and working toward for the past 12 years. I felt like I should not be joyous about how awesome the whole thing went even though I was not 100%, because I should have been over prepared.

I will say there are some very good lessons I have learned from this milestone. And I will be putting them to use as I go along. That is about all we can hope to gain as we experience this reality that is life. Lessons to use as tools so that as we continue to live, we can do so without the stress of making the same mistakes or having the same issues over and over. This year has been a year of lessons for me. It has made me look at certain parts of life differently. It has made me cherish the Nows even more than I thought I was. I too am feeling the pain and anguish of knowing that my life habits are not supporting my success 100%, and that this must change if I intend on embracing success and the life that comes with it. I have been preparing for this moment all of my life, no time to falter now.

Whew! Now that I have that off my chest, the next milestone is about to be passed:

30,000 all time views on my blog!!! I cannot believe it. Going from 7-10 views per day to averaging over 40 per day, it seems as surreal as standing in front of 13 people doing what I love, teaching them how to attract their Best Life now! Last look (8-13-2013 at around 1:00 pm) we are counting down from 748! And we have the rest of the month to meet that goal, piece of cake! I will keep posting and you all PLEASE, please keep sharing and reading. I love you for being such an inspiration to me!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!