Daily Power Color & Energy Flow Report August 6-7, 2013

Posted on August 5, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Red, White, Silver

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Gold, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Green

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Turquoise, Burgundy, Purple, Green, Brown

A perfect pool day on Sunday gave me a sun rash for Monday! My last vacation day!

A perfect pool day on Sunday gave me a sun rash for Monday! My last vacation day!

Tuesday ushers in a roaring new moon! We are ready for an energy boost! Today is a day to do what ever you need to do. If that is nothing, or housework or regular work, do that. It is a great day for writing our abundance checks and requests to the Universe that involve our self as the focus. Outgoing and spot light shining, we will most like find our way onto the stage and having to perform in some capacity, to prove our worth. No worries, we will pass with flying colors…if we are prepared. If not, we can look to stumble, then be give tips on how to improve. Take the instruction and build on it.

After 1:55 a.m. Wednesday through 11:57 p.m. EST, do not start anything new, present new ideas or try to set appointments. Any news we get will not turn out as we expect and will amount to nothing (good or bad). This day is best for doing our regular work and sleeping, cleaning or practicing our craft.

We are still in a lucky flow that includes major life changes. For those who are not good with change, try to embrace it as it will lead to our next best part of life. Secrets are still being revealing, unexpectedly and many times due to crisis. If you have one, guard it, leave it under wraps or be ready to answer for it.

We will be faced with looking at how responsible we are compared to what our life really needs to succeed. If you are hanging on to something that has no real value expect as an escape from real life, (a bad habit) now will be the time you will be made accountable for which you really want…that fleeting, even damaging behavior or The Best Life Ever.

Hard work to create lasting marks in our lives is supported now. Kind of like a sculptor creating a statue out of stone. The work is slow and hard labor, but the end result will have lasting beauty beyond imagination.

Cheers to the new leo moon and the party like atmosphere that comes with it!! Enjoy the mid-week and “hump Daaayyyeee!”