Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report July 27-28, 2013

Posted on July 27, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Brown, Gray, Blue

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Orange, Gold, Yellow, White


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Interesting cloud from a trip across Indianapolis

Interesting cloud from a trip across Indianapolis


Over doing, over spending, over thinking, over spending, over indulgence of all kinds is still in our mix. Try to help each other find a stopping point before regrets or trouble set in!

Life/health affecting secrets accidentally come to light in crises. Our lives being public spectacles make it hard to keep anything secret. This is especially true when we are in trouble or facing emotional crisis…our judgment lacks and we cannot hide the “things” we do “on the sly”. Be prepared to answer for them if you are not willing to forgo them for a while. (this lasts through the beginning of September…we are talking life changing information….use CAUTION!)

Fantastic and even ground breaking ideas come to us….now it the time to write them down and start researching them. Preparing to launch at least one of them on or after August 8th.

Fast paced, full speed ahead weekend. Watch for saying too much or being too aloof/detached. Our relationships are more “how do we show each other our love everyday” and less “cuddling, talking and physical contact” for the next couple of weeks.

Felling blocked, like you have smashed your head again a brick wall until it is bleeding and sore? The energy has been vague, deceiving, clogged and stationary. We are in the midst of seeing what responsibilities MUST be lived up to in order to have our Best life.

***To remind everyone, we all experience these waves at different moments, as with everything. We are each occupying our own space, so the wave gets to each one of us at different times. And depending on where we are in relationship to the energy “wake”, dictates how much and in what ways we will personally be affected.***

Some of our energy and a bit of clarity is returning. Our weekend is made for getting work done.

This is also a good time to thrown things out and donate what we are not going to use any longer.

Sudden changes are possible, as they always are, but now is a high likelihood time for some people. We are also going to be in the mindset of valuing our individualism and freedom to be ourselves over only being able to have a relationship will one ( or a select group) of people. An example would be to opt out of a group that wants to put too many rules and restriction on the members.

We might be impatient as well, which will not help if we are in the stopped moments. Try to take deep breaths and think of beautiful things, like the shade of sunsets, sunrises or the face of you favorite person. Working on artistic stuff is favored. If you are not into creating things, enjoy the creations of others. This includes cooking and libations as well as writing, painting, photography and storytelling.

Enjoy the weekend and pay attention to those dreams and visions. They are very vivid and telling at this time!