Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report July 19-21, 2013

Posted on July 19, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Silver, Blue, Brown

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Gold, Yellow, Orange, White

Hot summer sunrise in Indiana!

Hot summer sunrise in Indiana!

A happy, happy birthday wish to my dear friend Debbie!!!

Our weekend begins with upbeat energy, a fun and social atmosphere. WE will be feeling generous, so give where you can and accept gifts when they are offered.

Please take EXTRA care not to over do everything/anything, as we are very prone to not stopping when we should. This includes eating, drinking, drugs/alcohol, spending and talking. Overdoses of anything are never pleasant, so have someone to help you stay in check if you tend to be an over-doer. Exaggerating counts as well, and be sure the truth of the situation will come out later, so do not blow it out of proportion just to get a reaction.

We are still EXTREMELY accident prone, especially where we are not paying attention. There cannot be too much re-checking, so take the time to make sure every “duck” is swimming the way is should be. And do not be surprised when you find mistakes next week, because we all will have something to fix.

Saturday starts like Friday ends (Saturday into Sunday for our Eastern readers), with a change coming mid afternoon. We will switch to a slower, more deliberate flow for Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. (Eastern time USA…adjust for your time zone.)

We are in a going back over “stuff” mode, with particular focus on family and home. Old relationships will come up and old hurts will be addressed. This is a great period to clear the air and get the old issues out so we can let go of the “heaviness” of those events, making us lighter. This will also help us make room for The Best new relationships to come into our lives…these most likely will not be with “new” people, but with our loved ones and friends. Changes in these areas will be happening on a community level as well, a lot of shifting and changing of old habits. This is always scary and even inhibiting, but necessary. Do you best to go with the flow…put the load down…it is getting too heavy!

Stubbornness may be a factor here, so be sure to ease up if you get too dug in, and walk away from those who are unwilling or not ready to listen.

Sunday will be for the most part like Saturday, with a lazy feeling afternoon.

Surprises and the unexpected abound, so be on your awares, and try not to OVER react!

WE are heading to the Full Moon on Monday, so be ready for some crazy…crazier crazy!!

Dreams have been wild and crazy…get an idea of what they are telling you about your waking life! Drop me a message and I will be happy to give you my read! theamberlight@comcast.net

Enjoy the summer/winter weekend and look for a full week’s report coming tomorrow! Love and Blessing for a safe weekend to all!!! And thank you for keeping me writing, I love you all for that!!