Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report July 18, 2013

Posted on July 17, 2013


First things First….Happy Birthday Fran!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you SO MUCH and are very glad to have you as part of our family! We are lucky you found us and love knowing you will always be ours!!!

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Turquoise, Purple, White, Burgundy

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Red

A lovely Moon, on it's way to fullness once more!

A lovely Moon, on it’s way to fullness once more!

Up, up and away!!

Up, up and away!!

Thursday starts with (or end with for my East of the Atlantic friends) a kind of aimless time. After 2:00 p.m. EST though, we get pepped up, gain some optimism and feel like dancing and being social. having fun will be on our agenda this weekend. Adn we all deserve it and can use it!

Today is still accident prone. Also watch for over doing it, with all things. Do not over spend, over eat, over drink, over medicate, over-use. If you have an addiction issue, get someone to help you keep yourself in check, lest some of us accidentally go too far and take the “permanent vacation” on accident. (Already lost one this week to this energy wave.)

No signing papers, making appointments or starting anything new. We are heading into a full moon with LOTS of stopped energy, so recreation, taking in the arts, creating works of art (paint, write, draw, sew, woodwork, sculpt, you get the drift) or going to see and appreciate the works creations of others is one of the best things we can do now.

Do not even think about falling in love, and if you think you are, you are not. The only thing you will be seeing is a projection of what YOU want, not the real person. And this will lead to heart ache late. Best to stay in your current relationship or to stay single at this time. Relaxing and enjoy our home and family is safer and more rewarding.

Watch your words, watch your step and be KIND…Be kind to you, and to others.

Oh yeah, and expect unexpected events, people from the FAR past and surprises to be popping up the rest of the week. This can also mean surprise encounter with others, maybe even strangers. Also accidents, as is mentioned above…Be on  the look out for that lucky break, good and maybe challenging!