Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report July 16, 2013

Posted on July 15, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, White, Silver, Red

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Yellow, Brown, Gold, Orange

The day is beginning (everywhere) slow and disjointed. Our week will be rough, with lots of challenges, blocks, stopped and in all ways kind of jacked up.

Do not fear, we are approaching the end of this rough energy wave…YEAH!!!

In the mean time…continue to be EXTRA careful, think three or four times before doing anything. Wait to make major purchases and sign any papers until next week.

Information may be uncovered and secrets may be revealed whether we are ready or not.

We might be feeling suspicious of others or like being secluded and alone. If this is you, take time away for yourself. If someone seems withdrawn, give them space, it will change by Saturday.

These are good days to do business and make contact about things that we have already been working on. Following up and re-working are still the best use of our time. Wait until after 10:30 a.m. EST tomorrow to start making contacts.

Try to take it easy, take your time and triple check it all.

A pretty July moon tonight!

A pretty July moon tonight!

July 2013 moon