July 12, 2013 Amber Light Keys for the Day

Posted on July 12, 2013


Mu baby  Pooka, in April 2013, taking a nice nap on the futon in my office. I miss her SO MUCH!!!

My baby Pooka, in April 2013, taking a nice nap on the futon in my office. We all miss her SO MUCH!!!

We will want to put our ideas and projects to a test run somehow. Understand that details and clarity are very scarce, so the results are going to be heart-felt, not see by the Human physical measure. Now is time to look at the components of our action goals to see which ones need to be tweaked to keep us on point.

We will likely be nit-picky, to ourselves and others. Stop yourself if you find you are doing it and obsessing out, and point it out to someone who might be overly critical of you…once or twice is enough to remind someone! We will be in fighting mode when it comes to home and family. Try not to fly off half cocked with only 10% of the facts…this will be very easy to do during this energy wave.

And to answer more than one person who has asked me….the lethargic, tired, cannot hardly go, need to rest more…I am too tire to, want to stay in bed feeling we have all been having the past couple of weeks is most likely NOT something WRONG with YOU….it is the result of many energy factors coming to a stop to switch directions. When our “boats” stop in the “water” it takes time for them to turn around and go the other way. When that happens, us Humans (and animals, plants, etc.) get tired and feel like we are dragging around. And in reality, we are.

So, the Best Thing we can do is….get up and make ourselves go if we have to, and take a nap, sleep late and rest if we have that option. Rely on others to help out and know, that as ALWAYS, this feeling will pass….like all others.