July 9, 2013 Amber Light Keys for the Day

Posted on July 9, 2013


July 9, 2013 Amber Light Keys for the Day



Pookie on da' Beach!

Pookie on da’ Beach!


It is strange that we have so many hours in a row with similar energies, but this happens to be one of those stretches. Try to do something good for YOU!

Expect the spotlight to find you. Guard secrets and be more discrete than usual if you do not want to be outed. And then there is no guarantee, as many secrets will be revealed over the next couple of months.

We are clumsy, unsteady on our feet, dizzy and apt to have accidents due to misjudging our reflexes. From the news we see the “freak” accident is prevalent now.

A good day for painting anything, as paint will cure quickly. Weed and water if necessary. An active and even impatient day.

Step up and let the Universe know you are ready to make the move.

A reminder that we may be apt to over do, overspend or over-indulge. Live to “party” another day. Be careful with libations and prescription meds. Be sure to give yourself 36 hours before paying for the “greatest thing EVER”! It is most likely a regret in the making. This wave lasts all month, so be on our awares. You never know when your turn in coming up!