Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report July 3-6, 2013

Posted on July 3, 2013


Wednesday  Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Brown, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Green

Thursday  Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Turquoise, White, Purple, Green

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Blue, Brown, Black, Silver

A seashell candle light

A seashell candle light

Our Wednesday (into Thursday for the Eastern half) continues to be good for doing business, especially follow up, until 4:40 p.m. EST. Then we rest and take a breath to get ready to the happy-go-lucky, chatty, flirty, party atmosphere that ushers in our weekend.

We start out with this good vibration Thursday and get to hang onto it through Saturday (6:15 p.m. EST). This will make for wonderful gatherings and fun, upbeat meetings with friends and family.

These days are also colored with shifts in relationships, the tendency to want to butt-heads and argue, as well as moment of sheer poetic and lyrical brilliance, which MUST be caught on paper or digital file.

We are not out of the accident prone wave, so the need to be overly vigilant is still paramount to the good time ending up as a good memory. Some of us will be extra lacking in clarity (all of us are challenged in this area now, as the energy is foggy at best). If you feel “out of it” try to stay in the background and hold off on being an active, important player until next week.

Take time to write out how you are feeling, or jot down the awesome song that is going around your mind…even if you are not a song writer. The ability to spin words into beautiful works of amazing art will strike some of us during these days, do not miss the chance to have it to share later.

Releasing that which is ready to leave our lives or learning to give a relationship room to grow is part of our lessons this week as well. Our passion will be higher, so take advantage if you have an chance for some intimate time.

Over spending or taking chances with money we should not is prone to happen to some of us. (this energy wave lasts all month). Do yourself a favor and leave any money you do not need at home or out of reach. If you feel the impulse to buy something…take a few minutes/hours/days to cool down and be sure you truly need it and that it is a warranted purchase. Waiting unit the end of the month will help us get the best for the money we have, but we will be tempted to over do or spend without thinking…be on guard.

This energy can help us to expand something we are working on, just be sure to use it on things already in the works.

Friday and Saturday are both much like the mid-week, with our energy at the lowest. Sneak in that nap and some time to reflect by your self on how the year has been so far and what you are going to do to go after the Best it can be for the remainder.

Enjoy the weekend and the celebration of freedom from persecution…which we should now make sure is bestowed upon every Being that inhabit our Earth, and the Earth herself.

Remember to use the ten count to help keep from saying things you should not and the hand over your forehead exercise to help get rid of overwhelming, repeating worried thoughts.