July 2-3-4, 2013 Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report

Posted on July 1, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Silver, Black, White, Red

Wednesday  Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Brown, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Green

Thursday  Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Turquoise, White, Purple, Green

The third order since my last TV appearance ready to go! Power bracelets and a cash flow Power pouch.

The third order since my last TV appearance ready to go! Power bracelets and a cash flow Power pouch.

A touchy start to the week leads to a continued testy mid-week. There is a possibility that we might have a sexy moment or two, but mostly we are going to be struggling not to argue with each other and get our feelings hurt. All day Tuesday (starting now!) and Wednesday until 4:40 p.m. EST (adjust for your time zone~takes this into Thursday for those in the Eastern half of the world) are great days for doing business and making contacts. In all transactions, YOU MUST TRIPLE check if you want to avoid having to fix mistakes later. The best bet will be to do things that are on-going projects and issues. No starting anything new, until month end.

***Super accident prone…freak accidents are prominent. Look both ways two or three times, check the intersection, triple check your safety gear, use the buddy system and say your prayers. The past two days show that no matter how high your level of preparation, sometimes the Universe takes over and we are at its mercy. (Lots of thoughts and energy of strength, courage and peace to those in Arizona. We are all mourning this tragic loss.)

There will be an underlying feeling of every little thing’s gonna be alright. Nothing with major motivation but at least a feeling of good times and life will turn out okay in the end that we can tap into as we go along our bumpy month.

Tuesday and Wednesday are great days for quitting. You have a habit, behavior, relationship, situation or commitment you want to stop, get rid of or change? The next 48 hours a made to support this type of change. Decisions we make will be hard to change now, so this is a great time to make an effort to change that thing  you want to change, especially if it is something you have tried to do before but did not quite make it. Re-visiting things is on the list of to-do’s this month, retrying to change our lives for the better is a great idea now.

Some people may feel they have to make decisions or commitments now. This is really not a good time to do things like this, as our information is not complete and our clarity is null. Know ahead if you go through with something like this, you will not be able to predict how it is going to turn out. And you may not be very happy later. Best to stall, wait, hedge until the end of July.

Our energy is low, we are feeling slow, tired and not motivated. This is for almost everyone, so do not feel alone. There are lots of energies that are stopped at this time, making the “waves” of Universal energy crash into each other, stop the flow and makes everything confused. Take time for rest and catch a nap if possible. Dreams are vivid and crazy, but full of guidance and information that can help us navigate these crazy days!

Enjoy the mid-week and look for the holiday energy flow report by Wednesday morning (EST).