6-28-2013 Amber Light Keys for the Day

Posted on June 28, 2013



Amber Light daily Keys

A beauty of a morning in Indiana!

A beauty of a morning in Indiana!

 Try to keep your feet 50% planted in the reality that is occurring in the physical world. Our physical passion increases, as does our desire to celebrate and have fun.

Continue to be carful with checking every thing, the intersection, your paperwork, the words of the text you are about to send. Communication errors are in the mix.

If you feel like nothing is working right and everything you touch is faulty, wait until Sunday to try again. Two day of frustration will be the result of any extra efforts. Best to relax and try later.

Clarity is low, and the need for extra sleep is high. Take a siesta if possible!

No starting new things, no trying to be newly creative. Re-work and re-learning are the energies to focus with now.