6-27-2013 Amber Light Keys for the Day

Posted on June 27, 2013



Who can say what is "real" and what is an "illusion"?

Who can say what is “real” and what is an “illusion”?



Fantasies and passion combine to make for a revved up love life. It could also lead to dis-illusioned perceptions of how reality is truly working at present.

A big push at home and family stability come to the fore. Do not be surprised to be adding to your family tree this year.

A dreamy energy takes over and our clarity is out of frequency (none to be had)! Stop trying to “create” things and start DOING! Take a class, read a book, research online, go to a concert, art exhibit, museum, live acting or symphony. Artists and writes, song smiths and inventor will have a difficult time making new things now. Go back over old stuff and take in new energy to fuel the inspiration fire.

Take note of dreams, day-dreams and visions now, as they are guides to the paths that are for our Best.

After 1:05 p.m. EST until Friday is a good opportunity period (especially if your natal/birth Mercury position is retrograde). Be sure to check and re-check the details. Then expect to had to go back over some part of the communication/paperwork.

***Accident and mistake prone! Take extra caution and TRIPLE check!!!***