Amber Light Keys for the Day 6-26-2013

Posted on June 26, 2013


“Captain: #1, full stop!

#1: All stop, sir! All engines idle.”

Today is a day that will feel like this. Seriously…you cannot check the details enough. And at that expect a change later.

We will focus on home and family…for the next year. This is a perfect time to get your Energy Grid with instructions for only $10! Our anniversary gift to you! Turn your home into an attraction magnet!

Expect expansions in family, for the good! Expect to pass on and donate the things that you have used but need to go to someone else. Making out home fit us Now is key! ~shameless plug~ Energy Grid-Power for Your Life!

Stick to everyday tasks…set not appointments or dates. Lay low and trust nothing at first blush!


My TV appearance 6-13-2013...look for the next one soon!

My TV appearance 6-13-2013…look for the next one soon!