Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Week of June 24-28, 2013

Posted on June 24, 2013


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors: Specific for each day this week, in order of most supportive first. They are all good for their specific day, but one is the most boosting for that day.

Monday: White, Cream, Gray, Lavender

Tuesday: Red, Black, Silver, White

Wednesday: Yellow, Gold, Brown, Green

Thursday: Purple, White, Turquoise, Green, Blue

Friday: White, Lavender, Pink, Orange, Red

The full moon Friday night was mesmerizing!

The full moon Friday night was mesmerizing!

Talk about a sleep induced state. I had one last night, out like a light. The energy of sleep and dreams captured me early and held on tight. I still feel drowsy!

Our week is beginning like a hang over from a big love-in. There is work to be done and we will do it, but mostly we feel like rolling back over and starting later.

When we make it to Tuesday morning around 3:30 a.m. EST, we will gain back some energy, some excitement and the need to break free. Two days of unexpected events, especially by Wednesday morning when the major move into all of us being focused on expanding our comfort and security regarding home and family. This is a year long shift, and has been emotional as we have approached the final days if the prior energy feeling and made the shift to this one. Expect the high emotions and unexpected showing of deep feeling to continue to surprise us for a few weeks as we become adjusted to this new, more loving, more emotion filled and gushy energy wave.

Mid-week (give or take a few hours) we will come up against some solid energies that will be ungiving. For artists and writers, expect a work slow down or even stoppage. This is a great time to go DO something that will stimulate and feed the creative energy. Go somewhere, read something, see a show, go spend time with kids, animals, nature, volunteering. Feed the imagination with experience. Otherwise, you will feel frustrated.

Wednesday is a day to do ordinary tasks, things we have done before. Do not start new projects or try to set dates/appointments, wait until after 4:35 a.m. EST.

Thursday and Friday (into Friday and Saturday for my Eastern hemisphere friends) clarity will become premium priced, as the energy of compassion, dreams, visions, intuition are intensified. Save yourself the trouble of do-overs and misunderstandings. Try not to engage and in detail oriented, specifics-are-important tasks for these days. Take EXTRA, EXTRA care in travel, working with dangerous tools/ machinery and even simply walking, stairs, sharp objects and the like. We are VERY accident prone at this time, so there is no such thing as being too careful (this lasts into the weekend). Thursday afternoon into Friday evening Eastern Standard Time USA is a great day to make business contacts. These will be best if they are follow-ups to things you have already planned, contacts that have been made before or ideas you have had in the works. Stay away from trying to pitch new ideas or make new commitments, as they will not be supported as successful. Hold all new ideas and business contacts until at least July 24th to ensure they do not fizzle out, or to make sure they are still useful.

Keep your journal, paper and pen or recorded handy to capture are dreams or visions/day dreams you might have over the next week. Out intuition is on high, and the ability to receive guidance from our angels, spirit guides, Creator and Universe is optimal. But with the hazy head we are having, we will need to put it in writing so we can study over it later. Plus it is a good way to get advice  on what and how this information applies to life now.

***A tendency to be argumentative begins this week as well. These will be silly trifles, not major blow-ups. But hey could lead to hurt feelings or decisions that cannot be undone. Use the ten (or twenty) count here. Envision and breathe in the color pink as you stop to make a less knee-jerk decision. Also, walk away from someone who is reacting to this energy by yelling or debating you. It is easier than spending needed energy discussing things that are not useful to the big picture. This will be about for the next couple of weeks at least.

There is some super luck going around as well as a tendency to be exaggerated in actions and even over doing it because we are caught up in the moment. Designate your driver or limit the amount to exposure to the things you tend to have a weakness for. This will help to keep us from regretting and feeling bad later.

The high emotions may lead to some airing out of old hurts and misunderstandings, but can also lead to bigger rifts.   “Be careful with your tongue, be softer with the words you choose.” ~Collective Soul

Take care to STOP talking and START listening, before jumping with your opinion. There is NO HARM at all in deciding to let go of a past damaging action to allow more wonderfulness into our Now. As with our physical homes, the more clutter we keep, the less room there is for the “new” and better things. The things that really speak to the reality we want and need now. Clean them out, let them go and take time to fell how nice it is to have room to move. Home and family will be our focus for the next few weeks, so this is the perfect time for cleaning our closets, drawers, attics and garages, all the places we tend to shove things when we do not want to decide what to do with them. Same goes for our hearts and minds.

Some of us will go ahead and make important decisions and/or commitments anyway. These will have long lasting affects and some of us will be sorry we did not heed this advice to hold off and wait until next month when we have more reliable information. If you find your self on either end of the “snap” decision, know that later, it will not be as supportive or detrimental as it seems now. (Meaning what seems great now will turn out to be not so great. And what seems like a bad idea now will turn out to be not so bad.)    ***The above paragraphs are about energy waves that will last through the next two to three weeks.***

Enjoy this week after the Super moon. It is going to be a fatigued feeling one, but we can make strides and contacts toward our goals. Even one small thing per day will keep the juices flowing our way.