Super Moon, Summer Solstice Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report June 21-24, 2013

Posted on June 21, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Purple, White, Pink, Red, Orange

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Blue, Gray, Brown

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Gold, Orange, Yellow, White

Sunset last week at my house.

Sunset last week at my house.

Ready for a Solstice Party!

Ready for a Solstice Party!

Ahhhh…Mid-Summer, here we are again.

Funny how the Solstice, whether in the heat or cold of the year, invokes the urge to pause and reflect. This year especially so since we have a full moon coming up tomorrow night.

The lack of Daily Power posts this week has been due to one of my cats having a critical health issue. Since she is “my” cat…meaning the one I am most attached to…this has been consuming for my heart and mind.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to support me, by checking my posts and sending me strength and good wishes as we work through this.

She is still not eating, although if we “hand feed” her, she is swallowing and keeping the food down, not running to the bathroom and getting stronger. Not sure why her eating “reflex” is broken, but the vet says there is nothing physically wrong with her that they can find. Thoughts are maybe a stroke or kitty “old timers” disease. For now we will continue to push food in her three times a day and hope that as she gets stronger, she will figure out how to eat again.

Our full moon weekend shapes up to be emotional. More so than usual. The sluggishness we have been feeling is due to the slowness of the celestial bodies in our solar system. Our clarity is very low, like a fog surrounding everything. Stay away from commitment and starting new romances, as we have no idea what we will find when the vapor clears and we can see more of the true nature of things.

We are accident prone, breaks seem to be in forefront, as well as people and animals seeming to be confused and mentally “out of it”. Do everyone a favor and triple check the intersection, do not allow strangers into your sacred spaces and steer clear of putting yourself into unknown situations. Meaning, do not go to a big event alone….use the buddy system.

We are in a party mode this weekend, which is fitting with the longest day/shortest night up North and longest night/shortest day down South. The celebration of continuing life will be felt all around the world. Join in with millions and take time to really see and feel the Earth clean and healthy again. If we will try  to minimize our refuse, our trash, our pollution, the Earth will be able to make ground of cleansing itself. Land, water and air.

The high emotions may lead to some airing out of old hurts and misunderstandings, but can also lead to bigger rifts.   “Be careful with your tongue, be softer with the words you choose.”~Collective Soul

Take care to STOP talking and START listening, before jumping with your opinion. There is NO HARM at all in deciding to let go of a past damaging action to allow more wonderfulness into our Now. As with our physical homes, the more clutter we keep, the less room there is for the “new” and better things. The things that really speak to the reality we want and need now. Clean them out, let them go and take time to fell how nice it is to have room to move. Home and family will be our focus for the next few weeks, so this is the perfect time for cleaning our closets, drawers, attics and garages, all the places we tend to shove things when we do not want to decide what to do with them. Same goes for our hearts and minds.

There is some super luck going around as well as a tendency to be exaggerated in actions and even over doing it because we are caught up in the moment. Designate your driver or limit the amount to exposure to the things you tend to have a weakness for. This will help to keep us from regretting and feeling bad later.

Some of us will go ahead and make important decisions and/or commitments anyway. These will have long lasting affects and some of us will be sorry we did not heed this advice to hold off and wait until next month when we have more reliable information. If you find your self on either end of the “snap” decision, know that later, it will not be as supportive or detrimental as it seems now.

Our Friday and Saturday are social, upbeat and party days. Enjoy others, do something fun and be sure to take in the full moon as it rises Saturday night. It will be spectacular because it reaches the peak of fullness at 7:30 a.m. EST Sunday morning. That means all night long it will bet bigger and fuller. The Western Hemisphere will be treated to a beautiful show! Be sure if the skies are clear in your part of the world to make time to sit, bask and send out loving energy.

Sunday morning brings a determined feeling, plus more slowing down. The heavy energy of the past few weeks is will lighten, but the speed of life will slow. We will be thorough, but feel tired and stubborn. This wave will last through Monday, so going to bed a bit early Sunday is a good idea. Or a Sunday afternoon nap will be helpful also.

We are coming into one of the tri-yearly periods of communication issues (like have we been out of one this year yet?), misjudgments, travels lags, mechanical and technology snafus. This lasts through the end of July, so be ready to be extra careful, wait to make those major purchases or sign contracts, and find errors due to hurry or carelessness.

Enjoy this Super Moon Weekend! Don’t forget to come out to my class tomorrow morning to kick off the weekend by learning something new you can do to attract The Best Life now.