Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report June 14, 2013

Posted on June 13, 2013


Celebration of our country’s flag and Italian Festival returns to Indianapolis!

The Holy Rosary Italian Festival returns after a one year hiatus starting this evening. One of favorite family traditions! Look for a post, of course!

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Purple, White, Pink, Orange, Red

Me at the strawberry festival being sassy to my husband. The shortcake was YummmmOOO!

Me at the strawberry festival being sassy to my husband. The shortcake was YummmmOOO!

From 7:10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST we will be a lull in the action. Then it is right at it for a weekend full of things to do and details to focus upon.

We enter a health, detail and sometimes overly picky flow for most of the weekend.

The ideas are pouring into our heads faster than we can remember or record at times. Do your best to make notes for future reference. Dreams and visions will be vivid and memorable. Take time to record and get translations. Reflect on the meanings and understand how the information is meant to be helpful.

Our love life is half and half. Some will see and uptick in romance while others may struggle. Finances will have the same fate.

Commitments may be in store for some. If you are not sure or do not feel comfortable, post pone for a few days.

There will also be people who have trouble focusing on anything precise, math and accounting in particular. Try to avoid these activities over the weekend. Have someone else help if you are tripping over the numbers.

We are in the sharing and asking mode of the month. Be sure to give others a chance to be helpful by ASKING for what you need to succeed. People truly love to help each other and this act also boosts our overall health. Do your part by letting someone help you. And take the chance to help wherever you are able, even the tiniest acts of support are a relief.

Enjoy the day. Look for the link to my latest TV interview soon and the weekend energy flow later  today!