Weekend Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report June 7-9, 2013

Posted on June 7, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Pink, White, Purple, Orange, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Brown, Blue, Gray

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Yellow, Orange, Gold, White

Yay!! The wheels are finally rolling! Three cheers for the weekend!

Yay!! The wheels are finally rolling! Three cheers for the weekend!

Wow! What a week! And to top it off, what a weekend we are going to have.

Starts today with letting you know that if you are feeling like there is an anchor attached to your body, you are not alone. Feeling like a fog is surrounding everything you see and do? Also, you are not alone.

The energy of sleep and dreams is at a full stop, and along with the lowest energy day of the month is making us feel like we should be in our comfy beds instead of dragging around like zombies.

Friday also brings a feeling of grand love and compassion for our entire world and the beings in it. Our love life could heat up or it might cool off, depending on who you are and what is going on, but a shift will be felt. We may feel compelled to do some volunteer work, donate or just do something really nice for someone else for no reason and with no desire for something in return…in other words, we will be feeling very giving this weekend. If you have anything you want to ask as far as getting help with life and projects, today is a great day to do that. Everyone is going to be in the “helper” mode, so take advantage, then give to someone else as well.

Today is also a day that we may hear of or experience some type of explosion. Use EXTRA care and caution when working with any gases and/or fire. The other thing this energy wave will do is put momentum behind our efforts to achieve our goals. The key will be to be very focused on one aspect, and not try to be broad or go too fast. If we will take our time and be thorough with each small step we will make great progress. If we try to plow into a big project or do too many things at once, we are going to get confused and jumbled. Bright side is we will get some much needed motivation out of it.

Saturday is also a day to celebrate as we welcome the new moon AND the move to a growth and energetic wave. We are going to feel active, especially with brilliant ideas and lots of them. So many that we will not be able to field all of them. Keep paper and pen/pencil handy so you can capture the ideas as they come for later examination. Otherwise, you might lose a really good one as it gets pushed out by more world-changing ideas. And one of those could be our ticket to a major solution or new cash flow, so it is important that we pay attention to the juices as they work our brains over.

This entire weekend is custom made for socializing, making contacts and taking care of business. We will be chatty and creative through Sunday. By Sunday afternoon (USA time) we move into a home and family flow which may have us feeling a little emotional, but mostly in a good way. Big hearts and telling those we love how much we cherish them will be the color of the day.

Enjoy the weekend, and the start of two weeks of getting more done than you have in two months. The gate has opened, and we have until June 23rd to make the most of the smooth, high wave of opportunity to capture the things and people we need to move our lives into the next best phase! Be excited, be passionate and have fun!