Pole Day at Indiana Motor Speedway May 18, 2013

Posted on June 3, 2013


Qualifications at Indianapolis are like the last day of Hanukkah. The glorious culmination of a week’s worth of practice, tweaking and praying for Lady Luck to smile your way.

As a fan, Pole day holds a very special aura. It is one step away from being race day, but you get to be in the garages with the racers and teams as they prepare for the day. Which means that a person can bask in the focused, goal oriented energy that is jumping from the pores of each person involved in making the race that day.


Pippa Mann (candid shot) in the garages May 18, 2013


Charlie Kimball


Dragon Racing garage at 2013 Indianapolis 500


Simon Pagenaud May 2013


Forest Lucas (orange shirt) of Lucas Oil


It is always fun to see which way the flags are blowing from year to year and day to day. Also how cloudy or blue the sky is. Love!

IMG_8388 IMG_8389 IMG_8400 IMG_8404 IMG_8411


They mean business with this thing. They had to run to get it out of the showers that came down about 20 minutes after they put it out there. I have another post of just shots of it up close!


Gregg and a tiny beer.


Colts Coach Chuck Pagano


The Mayor of Indianapolis’ Wife and her security detail.


2013 Indianapolis 500 Queen


2013 Indianapolis 500 Princesses


2013 Indianapolis 500 Queen and court


I always seem to have something to say.

IMG_8417 IMG_8420 IMG_8427 IMG_8429 IMG_8462 IMG_8466 IMG_8468 IMG_8475 IMG_8473


We ducked for cover from the shower with the mayor, Chuck Pagano, the trophy, the pace car and the 500 Queen with her court. The Borg-Warner had to be dried off and so did the 2013 Corvette Pace Car.

Everyone was in good spirits and they started drying the track right away. Of course they have to interview the queen in the pouring rain, but she was gracious and lovely.



IMG_8478 IMG_8480 IMG_8482 IMG_8484 IMG_8489 IMG_8495 IMG_8499 IMG_8501




This is one of the oldest (non-renovated) restrooms left at the Speedway. It is under turn two.


The rain delay changed everything, and the cars had to line up for fuel before going out to the pits.

IMG_8507 IMG_8508 IMG_8518







This goes to show you that the young and more experienced alike want to share the excitement and magic of Pole Day at IMS with someone…and with cellphones, everyone can!

IMG_8522 IMG_8525 IMG_8527 IMG_8528



There is always someone one clean-up duty, even on the busiest day. Hats off to the Ecology Department, who are the ones that keep the bathroom facilities usable all month!





IMG_8535 IMG_8537




Yes, that would be shots from the track side of the pit lane fence! We got to take a tour of the pits, the first time ever! It was exciting and busy! It was fun to see inside the pit boxes at the work going on, which you do not get to see as much of when you are on the stands side of the fence, because of the people. (like me today!)

IMG_8539 IMG_8543 IMG_8546 IMG_8548



Coach Chuck Pagano is the honorary starter for this year’s pole day run. It looks like fun, but also very hard to do!




Me! On pit lane, on pole day at the Indianapolis 500…pinch me please!


IMG_8566 IMG_8570 IMG_8574




Now that is close! Looking right inside the cockpit of an Indy Car on Pole Day at IMS! That is thrilling for me!


I bet he has some AWE-SOME stories to share!



IMG_8581 IMG_8586 IMG_8591 IMG_8597



Young and young at heart anxiously await their favorite driver to walk off The Bricks after qualifying to get a chance at an autograph. I like get the pictures as they interact with fans during this intense moment. It is a rush!


Sarah’s baby girl has grown a bunch since I got her picture last year on Pole Day. She is serious business, and what beautiful eyes!


Linda Vaughn, Miss Hurst Gold Shifter fame and what appears to be a granddaughter on pit lane for Pole Day 2013. Everyone loves to have their picture taken with her. She loves Indianapolis and the 500.

IMG_8600 IMG_8604 IMG_8610 IMG_8616 IMG_8620 IMG_8624 IMG_8627 IMG_8632 IMG_8635 IMG_8638 IMG_8642 IMG_8643



IMG_8650 IMG_8653 IMG_8657 IMG_8666 IMG_8667 IMG_8674 IMG_8681 IMG_8683