Monday Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 6-3-2013

Posted on June 2, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Silver, Cream, White, Lavender

Pookie, Tuxx, Cosmo

Pookie, Tuxx, Cosmo

This is an opportunity filled day. We are still in a wave of good luck, along with starting a flow of new, creative and useful ideas. This will help make today a day that we can make progress and contacts that will help propel our goals. We are going to receive a much needed injection of enthusiasm to take us into June. This is more than welcomed, as we have been having a tough time getting motivated lately. This is due to the seeming blocks that have been popping up to make us wait. When they happen, we get frustrated and sad. This robs us of the energy to continue. Sometimes it feels like we are NEVER going to get to start making progress again. This wave of fresh ideas, unexpected offers of help and out of the blue connections will have everyone finding a light on which to focus.

June overall is full of many high opportunity days. Gets your game plan together and be sure to reach out. Promote your ideas, ask for an opportunity, volunteer for the chance and participate in activities that  increase your exposure to the resources you need.

Enjoy your day. We are in the lowest energy week of the month, headed to a new moon Saturday. Spend time alone, looking at the emotions and behaviors that we keep deep down, closely closely guarded. It is time to change some of those, as they are keeping us from moving on and into the next phase of our lives. We cannot continue to feel bad and angry at ourselves for things that are already done and over. They are the most unchangeable things, because we cannot rewind and re-do. And as long as we keep them, carry them and make them part of our now, we will always be using precious energy on useless emotions/thoughts.

Give yourself PERMISSION to forgive who ever you feel is responsible for these feelings/emotions/behaviors. This includes YOU! Do not require total forgiveness, simply give yourself permission to be forgiving and forgiven. When try to MAKE ourselves do something, when we say we HAVE to do it, our mind immediately shuts down, because we do not like to be restricted. Thus, giving permission to forgive allows us to be more open to letting go of these emotions/behaviors, more understanding of why they happened and more accepting of the fact that the experiences made us who we are now, and at this moment we are Our Best. And our best deserves to be free to be outstanding. And we can be when we stop being angry about the past.