Weekend Power Colors and Energy Flow Report May 30-June 2, 2013

Posted on May 30, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Purple, Pink, Orange, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Silver, Black, Brown, Blue

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Orange, Yellow, Gold, White

Me and one of my favorite flowers...old fashioned pinks. Heirlooms from my grandma's garden in Eminence.

Me and one of my favorite flowers…old fashioned pinks. Heirlooms from my grandma’s garden in Eminence.

Wednesday Morning Moon May 29, 2013

Wednesday Morning Moon May 29, 2013

Another favorite of mine...tiny lilies of some type. They are so pretty and small...I love to look at them It has take ten years of waiting to get them to bloom so well.

Another favorite of mine…tiny lilies of some type. They are so pretty and small…I love to look at them It has take ten years of waiting to get them to bloom so well.

2013-05-29 17.22.15

Not sure if you an see it, but another sun halo from yesterday evening.

Not sure if you an see it, but another sun halo from yesterday evening.

Strokes of good luck, talking a lot and blurting out what we are thinking before we have a chance to stop ourselves are all part of the week ending energy flow.

The urge for something new, social contact and breaking the rules colors our Wednesday and Thursday. Be careful not to overstep the boundaries with parent’s, spouses or bosses, and the smack down will most likely be as unexpected as the rule breaking.

As the energy wave of out-of-the-blue good fortune continues, we will all have a part of our life that gets the tap of what would seem like our Fairy God Mother. You may have had yours already and are preparing to take advantage. If not, expect to be hit by the sparkle and shine of something more wonderful than you have imagined, and enjoy!

Not to day that Challenge will disappear, but we will have silver linings everywhere…latch onto those and try to take shelter there while we weather the storms that are raging this year.

Friday and Saturday can be expected to have soft feelings, thin skin and emotional responses. If you feel like bursting into tears do not be surprised or feel alone. Everyone is bound to have a moment where their feeling are crushed, bruised, cut or hurt. Try to take care NOT to be the one who does the ***inadvertent*** hurting. Our words many times are heavier than we realize. Friday and Saturday are both days that the high emotions will make what we say even more weighty than usual. Also, be sure to stop yourself if you feel like your feelings have been crushed. Was that remark really meant for you? Is it true?  Does it really matter? Are you taking it to seriously? Can you let it go so you do not cause an issue where there really is not one? Try to keep these in mind as you make your way through the weekend.

Our dreams and intuition will also be ramped up (for the next few weeks). Keep track of them, write them down and get advice on what they mean. Our guidance comes through our sleeping, dreaming and daydreaming minds. Important information comes to us, great ideas and solutions to issues we are struggling with are all found in this state of mind.

Our weekend will be full of intuition, compassion and words of love for those we hold dear. Our motivation to accomplish our loftiest dreams also increases. Be ready to make contacts, take advantage of offers and be struck with great ideas on how to improve life.

The tendency to argue is with this energy as well, but we can curb that by paying attention and NOT participating with those who want to rant just to hear themselves talk.

Our Sunday will bring a small energy boost, with some impatience. We will feel like getting something done, so try cleaning and donating as the energy is supportive of making room for new and giving to those who need.

Enjoy the weekend and hug someone you love tight and close…we all can use it after this rough month!