Ten Second Tips: Neutralizing Depression, Sadness and Grief.

Posted on May 22, 2013


This feels like it needs to be re-posted…Love everyone, peace…it is gonna be alright!

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Ten Second Tips: Neutralizing Depression, Sadness and Grief.

(Personal Power Building Series)

A part of Being Human is the ability to feel…sense the unseen energy that connects us. Sometimes it feels like love, sometimes it feels like hate. Sometimes it is more than any Earthly utterance can describe. One of those types of feelings, the one that can make a grown woman/man fall to their knees and beg for a merciful end, is Grief.

Another is Sadness. And together they partner up to ATTRACT a reality of Depression. Most people who live in a “modernized” world have some degree of these in their life at all times. By the very nature of living in a Human body, or in any form on this Earth, we are subject to a feeling of loss when things change.

This is due to a need to survive on a sub-atomic level and the natural…

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