Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report May 23-24, 2013

Posted on May 22, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Turquoise, Burgundy, Green, White, Purple

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Purple, White, Pink, Orange, Red

Columbine growing in my Mom's sidewalk.

Columbine growing in my Mom’s sidewalk.

Secrets are likely to be revealed and information uncovered. It will be difficult to be sure what is exactly true. The best bet is to take everything under advisement, and wait until next week to try and make sense out of anything that happens.

We are building up to a full moon on Saturday. This will be a fun and lucky time, although emotions will be high. WE are likely to want to make our views and stance known. Our creations will be full of beauty and our words enchanting as we make our way through the next couple of weeks. We may make declarations of love and commitment.

These two days will be best spent in doing regular tasks. Research will be useful, just be careful to hold off decisions until next week.

Friday, stick to daily tasks, do not set appointments and do not worry about any news you get as it will likely turn out to be nothing.

Some of us will be accident prone, take care if you are feeling clumsy or unsteady. If the luck mood strikes, buy the ticket or take the chance. WE may feel suspicious or uncertain, this is part of the mood of the time do not think too much about it.

It is a time of beginnings and ending. It is stressful, it is uncertain, unsteady and feels scary. Be sure to pull close to those you love, hold tight and know that our love will out last everything else.

A few of us may be overly nervous, high strung and impatient. Try to ease up on yourself and others if you notice that you are one of these folks.

Pay attention to dreams and visions. They are helping us to live our best life by showing us what to do AND what not to do!