Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report May 22-23, 2013

Posted on May 20, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Silver, Red, Black, White

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors

Green, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Brown


First dip in pool for 2013.

First dip in pool for 2013.



If you are feeling tossed and torn with your emotions and reality, welcome to the wave. Not that it makes it any better ..we are all trying to field and stay above the wake that the Universe has caused as it has plowed into us.

Take time to look at the sky…I am pretty sure that there are new stars out there, like we have come into view off another set of planets and the like. Especially around 3-6 a.m.

I have pictures. I will get them up soon.

So, The phrase “hold on, it will be alright”, holds true but WOW..what a storm!

Interesting given the major storm issues caused over the past two weeks from Texas into Oklahoma  destructive weather has been changing our point of view.

the same can be said for our personal lives as we struggle with is obstacles that we INVENT which SEEM to hold us back. Chaos reigns as we have to stay in the “old ways” a bit longer. We are ready, we feel prepared, yet we are having to “cool our jets”. This will have us feeling impatient and, insecure, as if somehow we have not done enough to move things along.

Stop! We ARE prepared, and we need a few moments of standing on the edge of the cliff that is NEXT. WE need to look out over the vista that is the reality of our next goal and feel the thrill of achieving what seemed impossible.

We will continue to meet up with resistance. We will also find ways to work around the blockages that are holding us back.

We face the responsibility of our actions. Things we have or have not done. Things that we know are not supporting our best life. We will become very clear as the week ends on how we are going to let go of the past us, and embrace the now us that will lead us to our Best life yet!

A social and helpful mid-week will lead us up to the Full Moon weekend. Romance will be in the air as well. Spend some alone time woth your love. indecision may hinder our ability to act. Wait until next week if you do not feel settled deep down.

Flirty and chatty will be the color of the month. Be careful not to say too much or give away information that you should hang onto.

Planting everything is favored now. Prune all plants, shrubs an tree to encourage growth all week.