Weekend Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report May 18-19, 2013

Posted on May 17, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Brown, Blue, Black, Silver

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Gold, Yellow, Orange, White


Details and health will be on our minds. Over 48 hours of prime doing business time are available. This tricky part is that the information maybe confusing, unclear, full of details that make no sense or are too vague. DO not try signing papers or going over important documents this weekend, actually not until Tuesday. The fog will be lifting then and we will begin to be able to sort out the deluge of information that we have gathered.

How can you do business without being able to trust the details? Work on sketching out dreams/action plans for the next phase of steps necessary to keep moving. Gather information, do research and make contacts to follow up on more thoroughly next week. Get the ideas out, but do not try to be specific. Give the finished ideal more focus in conversations to ensure the time will be well spent. If things get off track or seem not to be connecting, back off of the subject and move to a different section of the project.

Working out creative and fun ways to support new habits and get rid of old not useful ones will also be a great benefit, especially in the area of health and finances. Again, broad ideas will be more useful than trying to figure out the details of how it all can work. Dreaming and scheming are good tools to use this weekend over all.

And pay close attention to those dreams as they are full of information we can use to help us get over the humps and bumps the year has brought all of us.

Also be VERY careful when working with dangerous items like knives, gasoline, big tools, machines, etc.  The foggy energy will make us accident prone!

Be sure to check the nit-picky tendency at the door, and stop yourself is you find you are in the midst of tearing something apart for no apparent reason. There will be more hurt feelings and resentment follow needlessly pointing out the tiny details that can be let go during this time. It is better to let the little things slide this weekend!

Enjoy your self, take time for a few moments of “me” time…a bath, walk, book, movie, sitting, yoga, prayer, meditation, what ever helps you reset. Next week is full Moon week again, and we are gonna need our strength for sure!