Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report May 16-17, 2013

Posted on May 15, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Turquoise, Burgundy, Green, Purple

Friday  Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Pink, White, Purple, Red, Orange

Saturn shining like a diamond!

Saturn shining like a diamond!

The spot light and our focus will be on our-self. This can be good but it can also make us uncomfortable. Individual efforts and contributions should be our center. Working in groups will not be as productive as on our own, even if it is for a project. Try working on your special part if possible.

We are in the after-glow of the solar eclipse last week, along with building to a lunar eclipse next week, with the full moon. To say that emotions are high, moods are tense and attitudes are off the rail is really understating it by far. We can expect people to act out at the most unexpected times, and for unexpected reasons. Blow ups have likely made their way into everyone’s life at some point recently. This is due to the nature of the eclipse energy. It is causing us to evaluate our lives, end and begin things, relationships, careers, beliefs, mindset, habits. This is stressful and many times requires that dramatic events happen in order for us to be motivated to make the important changes we need to make.

Communications are garbled and confusing this week. Do not try to make sense of any legal information, research and the like. We can gather and do recon work, but do not try to pin down pertinent or useful info until after next Wednesday.

Give a special thought to what you say and avoid saying mean or unkind things. And if you are on the receiving end of harsh comments or flaring arguments, try not to participate. NO good will come from any words that hurt. And we can never take them back, so walk away. And if you cannot leave, try visualizing everything glowing in pink light. It will help to calm the energy around everyone.

Word to the wise is, try to lay low, step up when you need to and look to accomplish things for yourself these two days.

These are good days for weeding and pruning. Not so good for planting as the energy is dry.

All the Best and stay safe…tempers are easily roused now.