Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report May 9-10, 2013

Posted on May 8, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Burgundy, Turquoise, Purple, Green

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red

The sunrise in our back yard today.

The sunrise in our back yard today.

It is upon us! The second in three eclipses (in one month) that are churning up our energy “waters” and making us take stock of life. 

Who, what, where, why and when….do we need them/it…if not…as much as it hurts and makes us sad…TIME TO CHANGE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The energy of the eclipse is about ending and beginning. If you are hanging on to an old, worn out, not even wearable pair of jeans, pants, shirt or coat…why? It is taking up VALUABLE space. Space that could be used for things that will actually SUPPORT us in becoming our Best…instead of reminding us of what we have done  which is now over, consumed and ready to be turned into something new and useful (such as a purse, blanket or bed for our pet).

The point is…as the old song and older Proverb say…to everything, turn, turn, turn. Why? Because as a Universe, we take in, we use and we eliminate what is left. What we take in will be broken down into the usable parts for our Best lives at the moment. What is left over will be eliminated. This energy, information, etc. will be used by other beings for to help them be their Best.

Now….We are in a very stable, grounded, long-lasting energy wave. If you want it, dream it, think it or desire it, now is the time to ask for it. Now is the time to declare that it is the direction we want to go, it is the thing we want to accomplish.

Take time on Wednesday to WRITE on paper what it is you need, want and desire. Make it specific, yet broad ..like the best car, the best girl/boy friend, the best job, the best home, the best family, the best finances…what ever you want, whatever you need, what eer is burning in your heart…write it out.
Why? Because writing engages both part of us. It allows our ego, our Human, our physical to DO something tangible. It also allows our spirit, our Being our soul to express what we feel in our core will make us happy, joyful and satisfied.

Once you have written your request, put it somewhere you can read it daily. This is very important.  This also engages the ego… which, contrary to many teachers, is important to our survival. Our ego sees to it that we continue to BE. It helps us find ways to survive, both physically and emotionally. When we INCLUDE it (instead of trying to get rid of it) we become TWICE as powerful as  we were before. That is why tools like writing  gemstones, colors, affirmations, vision boards, and the like are so useful. They help to bring both spirit and human together in a common activity.

Things to watch for….feeling tired and lazy, being too stubborn and a tendency to over indulge in the things that make us “feel good”.

On the bright side: determination to change, complete difficult tasks, make our loved ones feel special, pampering ourselves and being thorough in getting our work/chores completed.

Our emotions will be on high. Our ability to sense unseen energies, have contact from other dimensions, people who have already left the Human form and those that are far from us in time and space, a high sense of what will happen in the near future  dreams with messages to guide us to our next phase of life will be dominant.

Make no mistake…we are all feeling the stress, heaviness and challenge of a rough start to this year. Upheaval, uncertainty and worry are everyday feelings. The thing you can cling to…you are not alone….most everyone is feeling this way, no matter what level of life they are living in. Child, adult, “modernized” or “native”, we are all feeling the same stresses. And together, if those of us who are aware will try, we can help to calm our minds, calm our spirits and promote a feeling of:

“Don’t worry ’bout a thing. Every little things gonna be alright!” (I love you Tanner!)

Enjoy the end of your week. Do something to uplift and promote your dreams, even if it is only one small gesture….even a pebble make a wave.

Much love and all The Best to you!!!! AmberLena! :)(: