Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report May 6-7, 2013

Posted on May 6, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Cream, Lavender, Silver

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Red, Black, Silver, White

A robin sitting on her eggs in the dead pine tree out back (in the neighbor's yard).

A robin sitting on her eggs in the dead pine tree out back (in the neighbor’s yard).

Sad and blue, anxious and tired….what a way to start the work week!

We are in the lowest energy days of the month and they also carry with them a feeling of hopeless and helpless. This makes us want to just throw in the towel…stay in bed, feel sick, even contemplate the “great escape”.

However you are feeling today…DO NOT think that it is forever, it is not. This is just an energy wave that has us looking at life thinking “What the, why the, who the and how the???”  These feelings are most likely not totally ours. A bit of it may due to our own actions, but the majority is due to us picking up on the way other people, near us and around the world, are feeling. The tensions coming from the Middle East, the increasing awareness of how polluted our world is becoming and the shrinking of our financial security have most people in a low state of panic all of the time.

The remedy? Take some time to do something easy. Relax. Spend time outside enjoying the Earth and look at how resilient It is. No matter how much the chemicals change, the plants and animals are finding ways to adapt. Take inspiration from that. Know that we are a part of the Earth and that we too can and will adapt.

We are heading up to another eclipse, this time solar, and the second in a string of three within one month. (We started on April 25 with a lunar, now a solar and on May 25th we get another lunar). This is part of the reason why we are on such an emotional roller coaster. Eclipses bring ending and ending energies to everyone. We are already dealing with a MAJOR wave of radical change that is long lasting and has been going on for about four years now. This is a spike in the wave that will set our course for the next few years. Upheaval is uncomfortable, and where we are uncomfortable, we need to change. We need to change there because we cannot be our Best if we do not. And we cannot avoid change. If we do not try and “roll with the changes”, we are going to find ourselves upset all the time. And that will drain our health and we all know health is not recoverable.

Remember NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING lasts forever. Trouble or good times, both will change. It is in the hardest moments we need to be reminded that “This too shall pass.” Our feeling of loss, the void where we used to have that person or pet, the time we used to spend learning, participating and being involved will be filled with something or someone else to pay attention to. It will not REPLACE the person, pet or event, and we will not ever get “over” it, but we will get used to life with a different landscape, different people, and different things to occupy us. And we will have moments where the pain of loss is as strong and fresh as it was when the energy first changed. The good thing is, the wave and moment will pass, and we should allow ourselves to feel those emotions. Trying to stifle them only causes more pain and is damaging to our body, mind and soul.

Tuesday will be a day of conflict and serious conversations. We may be airing out hurts and aggravations that need to be addressed so we can move on, let go and feel better. If possible, walk away from senseless arguments, and stop yourself if you find you are the one carrying on too long. We all need to take a long bath (with Epsom salt to replenish lost minerals from our sadness and stress). And everyone should do some strenuous exercise or chores that will wear us out, make us physically tired. This will help to release the feeling of helplessness and being pent up. If you find yourself on the receiving end of someone else’s vent, think pink to help calm them and you. Grab a rose quartz if you have one and keep it with you all day, holding it anytime you need to calm the fiery feeling in your chest. Envision everything glowing pink to calm the anger, and walk away if you know there is not going to be a resolution. No need to mess your karma up just because someone else needs to act out.

Hard work is favored both days, and so is taking timeout to do something fluffy and fun. Read, watch a movie, sit and look at the sky, play with your kids and animals, tend your garden.

This entire week is wound up tight, with the new moon and eclipse coming at us Thursday.

Look for the mid-week New moon post tomorrow.

And lastly….when I write these reports, I write from my heart. I write to myself as much as I write to you. At this moment, I am busy being disappointed in myself for not caring more about looks (as in painting nails, fixing hair and exercising). I am disappointed in the lack of effort I have put out in order to get the two books I have ready to write going into real projects, instead of just thoughts in my head. I feel like I could give more and do more, but I have not. I want to help others be their best and I have let you and me down by not pushing myself to try harder and accomplish more. BUT, I will take my own advice…I will stop beating myself up, realize that everything happens at the Best time and all I have to do is start now. Nothing lasts forever, including my lack of motivation and effort! And that goes double for all of you!!! Thank you all so much for being the reason why I continue to learn, grow, write and coach. We are all in this big boat together, and we are the lifesavers we need to succeed…give what support you are able and TAKE the support offered…we all need a helping hand now and again, even those of us who think we have to do it all.